6 Hottest Summer Trends To Try Right Now

If we take in the scorching heat and the growing number of people going to the beach, we can definitely say that summer is in full swing, folks! And thus, we have to review some facts. But don’t worry, it’s nothing related academically so you can relax back into your poolside lounges.

Taking into consideration the spring/summer collections of different fashion designers and also what we repeatedly see in celebrities and in the streets, let’s take inventory of the hottest summer trends that everyone’s trying! Below are 6 of which you can try right now.

  1. Denim mini skirt
    Laid-back and versatile, denim is, and always will be, a part of our wardrobe all year round. For a refreshing take on it this summer, try a denim mini skirt. Pairing it up with a white top is excellent. A dressy white top with a denim skirt is great for a casual weekend brunch while a plain white tee is perfect for an everyday casual look.denim mini skirt
    denim mini skirt outfit
  2. Ruffled dress
    This silhouette is made for the summer, I tell you. The ruffles and the flowing lightweight material create a dramatic look on anyone. It is particularly romantic when the mild summer breeze hits your dress. So pair it up with everything else neutral and keep the attention to your dress.ruffled dress ruffled off-shoulder dress
  3. Espadrille wedge sandals
    The espadrille heels have an innate laid-back feel to it that a pair of velvet pumps or leather boots won’t be able to recreate easily. This type of sandals is a good footwear for anything but especially for an easygoing day out in summer.wedge sandals espadrille wedge
  4. Closed toe sandals
    Closed toe sandals not only retains the chicness of ballet flats with its closed toe design, but also gives freedom and space for the rest of our feet being a sandal. It is also fairly flexible to wear. You can incorporate it into a semi-formal look that requires no high heels or a relaxed everyday attire.white closed toe sandals closed toe sandals
  5. Chic sunglasses
    We will, without a doubt, be seeing more of the sun this season. And we will certainly need the protection of sunglasses for practical reasons like not looking angry while squinting in the streets. But that doesn’t mean we won’t wear anything chic. Aviators and round glasses are extremely popular these days. Just be sure your face shape will look flattering in whatever sunglasses you want to wear.aviator sunglasses summer round glasses
  6. Rucksacks
    Hey, you don’t want to ditch rucksacks so early in your wardrobe. It still has its perks, both practical and sartorial. Practically, you can keep both hands free to hold other things and is a good bag to bring when cycling. Fashion-wise, there is a cute reminiscence of our Girl Scout and summer camp days with backpacks along with the sartorial lick since there are now backpacks in absolutely chic designs. Why weren’t these around when we were still going at summer camps?backpack outfit yellow backpack

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