6 Haute to Wear Hoops

Hoops, I find, are so underrated in the fashion world. They’re rarely in the spotlight and rarely give focus on and I think that this is primarily because they can get a little intimidating and overwhelming at times. If you’re curious about how you can make hoops work for you and your everyday looks, check out the ideas we have below on haute ways to wear hoops.

  1. Choose the right size – one of the reasons why hoops earrings are avoided by many is because of their tendency to make you look cheap and tacky. The key to achieving a tasteful look while wearing your hoops is to choose the right size. Avoid a pair that’s big enough to drown your face out of the picture.christina aguilera with gold earring
    beautiful hoop earrings on kim kardashian
  2. Select a simple design – when buying a pair of hoops, make sure to go for a pair with a simple, classic and minimal design. A simple hoop with some stones here and there would make a nice choice. Avoid anything that’s too loud like a pair of hoop earrings with feathers dangling from it or stacked up hoop earrings with one dangling from the other.cute outfit with hoop earrings classic hoop earrings
  3. Make it the focal point of your look – hoops are a great fashion statement on their own so if you’re planning on wearing a pair for the day, make sure to keep the rest of your accessories subtle and minimal. You wouldn’t want to wear another statement pair that will make your look too busy. Having too much going on in one look is never okay.hoop earrings with pendant hoop earrings and updo
  4. Let your hair down – usually, when you’re wearing a statement earring, you’ll want to keep your hair up to show it off. Since hoops tend to be rather loud and not so subtle, however, keeping your hair down is okay.mini hoop earrings on jessica alba emma watson hoop earrings
  5. Choose the right neckline – some necklines make hoop earrings look better than others so choosing a top or a dress with the right neckline to wear your hoop earrings with is essential. Two of the best necklines to wear hoop earrings with are turtleneck and tube top because they give just enough emphasis to the hoops to make them look fun and chic.simple hair and makeup with hoop earrings perfect size gold hoops with summer ensemble
  6. Keep your makeup look simple – another way to pull off hoops with a classy vibe is to keep your makeup simple. Avoid wearing a makeup look that’s too heavy when wearing hoop earrings. Doing so will have you ending up with a tacky look.angelina jolie wearing simple gold hoop earrings statement gold hoops



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