6 Hairstyles When Your Bangs are Growing Out

Growing bangs is one of the common pains that every girl is familiar with. The once pretty bangs that made you look stunning are now too fussy to manage. If you are experiencing this dilemma right now, then make sure to try these lovely hairstyles when your bangs are growing out.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Half Knot

One of the easiest hairstyles when your bangs are growing out is the half knot. Seen on sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, this is a great ‘do for ladies with bangs that go beyond the eye line. To achieve this look, gather your bothersome bangs and place them high enough. Reinforce the half knot by using bobby pins and a dry texture spray.

kendall half knot

kylie half knot

Chloe Moretz and Gwen Stefani: Snap Clip

Looking for time-saving hairstyles when your bangs are growing out? Then make sure to follow Chloe’s or Gwen’s snap clip shortcut. Yes, it’s just as easy as securing your bangs with side clips. Since there are many designs out there, you can go from simple in black to bright in bejeweled!

chloe hair clip gwen stefani side clip

Olivia Palermo: Headband

Apart from the snap clip, wearing a headband is one of the best hairstyles when your bangs are growing out. This timeless accessory can make you look youthful – or sophisticated – whatever the mood you have for the moment. Not only is it good for growing your bangs, it is useful for good hair days as well. After all, a headband can glamorize your look in a snap of a finger!

olivia headband

Gigi Hadid and Nina Dobrev: Thick French Braid

Apart from accessories, braid hairstyles when your bangs are growing out are stylish ways to go. One of the best examples is Gigi’s and Nina’s thick French braid. Instead of gathering most of your hair, take your bangs with some of your hair. Secure them in a thick French braid – settled on the middle – for an elegant look that’s free of troublesome growing bangs.

gigi center braid nina french braid

Kate Bosworth: Dutch Braid

One of the good hairstyles when your bangs are growing out is the side-swept Dutch braid. Popularized by Kate Bosworth, this hairdo can give you the free-spirited retro feel that the actress is well-known for.

kate dutch braid kate bosworth braid

Karlie Kloss: Tight French Braids

As it has been said, braid hairstyles when your bangs are growing out are good hairdo alternatives. Another one of the celebrities to emulate when it comes to this is Karlie, who’s stunning in her tight French braids. Include your bangs in a tight side or crown French braids for a lovely look.

karlie braid hair karlie braid

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