6 Fun and Fresh Ways to Wear Flowers on Your Hair

Wearing flowers on your hair may seem like a cheeky idea during fall and winter but come spring and summer it’s all the rage. Flower crowns are cute and trendy and all but it’s not the only way to wear gorgeous blooms on your hair. Check out these fun and fresh ways to wear flowers on your hair.

  1. Mix and match colorful blooms – one of the cutest but also easiest ways to wear flowers on your head is to go all out and go for something that’s crazy colorful. Spring and summer are, after all, all about bright and vibrant colors. Mix and match different blooms, it doesn’t matter if they’re real or not as long as you have a good color combo going.colorful flower crown boho look colorful flower crownsstatement flower with hair down statement flower
  2. Wear one oversized flower – unless you can find a really big fresh flower, this is better pulled off with an artificial one. Pinning a big, statement bud on your hair is a really bold move but if you can pull it off, it will pay off tremendously as well.statement flower with hair down statement flower
  3. Or opt for daintier ones instead – if you’re not the kind of girl to make loud statements like oversized flowers on your head, why not opt for smaller, daintier flowers instead? Small and dainty blooms look great when interlaced with braids or with simple and elegant updos. This is one good way to wear flowers when you want to add a bit more of a romantic vibe to your hairstyle.dainty flowers on waterfall braids dainty flowers updo
  4. Hair flower – you don’t always need to wear real flowers on your hair to get that girly look. With a few tutorials on youtube, some elastics and some bobby pins, you can turn a braided section of hair into a gorgeous little flower. If you’re not into plastic flowers and you aren’t very keen of putting actual flowers on your hair either, this might just be what you need.braided flower hair braided triple rose
  5. Get blinged out – for a more glamorous option, why not go for rhinestone flowers? These could come in the form of a headband, a barrette, a hair pin, a comb, or anything else that you could attach to your hair and it’s the perfect way to wear a flower on your hair for dressier occasions and special events.floral hair jewelry floral rhinestone hair clip
  6. Create a theme – creating a theme for the flower you’re wearing on your hair will give it a much more cohesive look. Go for the same colors if you want something minimalistic or create something more colorful using the same kind of flowers – whatever kind of theme you go for is definitely going to look better compared to a bunch of random flowers put together.themed lavender flower crown themed rose head crown


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