6 Foolproof Outfits When You Have Absolutely Nothing to Wear

No matter how much stuff is your closet, there are always those mornings when you wake up and feel like you have nothing to wear. Shopping is not always the best solution so, keep on reading for the 6 foolproof combos you can pull together from the basic pieces you already own.

  1. Breezy-Chic Jumpsuit



Much more comfortable than a dress, a breezy chic jumpsuit can make your style sophisticated while keeping you easy. Like fashion blogger Elsa Ekman, you may think of a white jumpsuit teamed with nude heels that look classy. Or, go for a modern urban style with architectural shoes teamed with ombre jumpsuit like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang did.

  1. Knit Dress + White Sneakers

burgundy-knit-dress-with-white-sneakers knit-dress-with-sneakers

If you wish to strike a balance between chic and sporty, think of a knit dress teamed with white sneakers. Depending on your complexion, pick a color of a dress that will flatter you while keeping everything minimal and simple. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, a gray knit dress will go perfectly with a pair of white sneakers and a white crossbody bag.

  1. All-Black or All-White Outfit

loose-top-with-pants-and-sandals white-top-with-nude-shorts-and-shoes

If you’re not good in making combinations, simply go monochromatic on your outfit. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may go for a loose black blouse teamed with black pants, or a white fitted top teamed with nude high-waist shorts that both look sleek and polished.

  1. Turtleneck Top + Leather Skirt

edgy-boots-with-turtleneck-top-and-leather-skirt turtleneck-top-with-patent-leather-skirt

A good, high-waist leather skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe as it can be conservative enough for the office, but sexy enough for a night out. For a more modern look, try pairing it with a sleeveless turtleneck top with ankle boots in the day, or go for a fitted turtleneck top and patent leather skirt to add some edge to your evening look like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic did.

  1. Colored Leather Jacket + Denim Shorts

leather-jacket-with-shorts-and-classic-pumps red-leather-jacket-with-cutoff-shorts

Wearing a colored leather jacket with your denim shorts is a fresh way of adding some colors to your look while keeping it edgy at the same time. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, go for a cobalt blue leather jacket that looks trendy and sexy with a pair of high-waist shorts and classic pumps.

  1. Blazer/Vest + Denim Shorts/Jeans

vest-with-denim-jeans-and-peep-toe-heels blazer-with-denim-shorts

If you’re a jean type of girl, think of dressing your casual outfit with a chic vest or blazer. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may keep everything effortless yet chic with a blazer topped on your denim shorts and tank top. Also, a pair of gray jeans will look more sophisticated with a classy vest and stiletto pumps. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish without exerting too much effort on thinking what to wear on your rush mornings.

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