6 Fiction Movies that Might Inspire Your Street Style with Briana Lamb

Fiction movies are creative, fantastic, and compelling that most of us wish to wear our favorite characters’ wardrobe. However, most of them are costume-y that can be saved for holiday and Halloween parties, so be selective on picking them to avoid looking inappropriate on your street looks. Mind behind the Lady Nerd blog, Briana Lamb is an Atlanta-based style blogger known for her geek-chic looks that draw inspiration from her favorite movies. Looking for fiction movies inspired look that you can wear on the streets? Keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from Briana.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

all black outfit with suitcase and structured bag

The Dark Knight Rises inspired outfit The Dark Knight Rises inspired outfit by Selina Kyle little black dress with black pumps

You may draw inspiration from Selina Kyle’s or Catwoman’s outfit, played by Anne Hathaway by going for an all-black look. Like Briana, you may think of going for a black tuxedo blazer worn with body con dress or pencil skirt that can be ideal for your office looks. Just opt for a pair of black tights and classic pumps that will add some mysterious and classy vibe to your outfit. Just wear a black pair of leather gloves in the colder months to complete your looks. If you’re heading to a party, think of a little black dress with a form-fitting silhouette and wear a pair of black tights and black pumps that will bring some elegant vibe to your looks. Also, wear dainty pearl earrings to complete your Selina Kyle’s look.

  1. Star Trek

star trek inspired outfit with coat star trek inspired outfit

Looking for inspiration how to wear the sci-fi inspired film without looking alienated on your street looks? Be inspired by Briana’s style of wearing a color paneled knitted dress with the colors of character uniforms in the film. A black and white color paneled dress can be worn on your office looks to casual street style. Just complete your outfit with an edgy coat made from leather or wool, and a pair of knee-high boots or classic pumps.

  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

catching fire inspired dress

You don’t have to bring bow-and-arrows inspired accessories on your street style just to wear the Katniss Everdeen’s look. Like Briana, simply opt for a fire-print dress in cut-out style resembling what Jenifer Lawrence wore in the prestigious scene in the film. You want your street looks wearable and fashion-forward, so avoid mimicking every little detail from character’s outfit if you don’t like to end up looking costumey.

  1. Star Wars

Grand Moff Tarkin’s imperial uniform star wars tee with edgy outfit star wars inspired outfit

You don’t have to wear Jedi costumes and Darth Vader’s look completely just to wear the epic space film look. Since you’re aiming for a wearable look on your street style, you may be inspired by Darth Vader’s all-black looks but forget the cape, plastic vest, and mask. Like Briana. Just opt for an edgy jacket, preferably a bit futuristic but not a biker style, to wear with your black pants and knee-high boots. Or, wear the Grand Moff Tarkin’s imperial uniform by opting for a cardigan resembling the colorful ranking pins on the film like Briana did.

  1. Lord of the Rings

brown earthy dress with ballet flats lord of the rings inspired outfit lord of the rings inspired dress and accessories

A bit primitive and earthy, the Lord of the Rings is an epic film full of fantasy and adventures. Like Briana, you may think of vintage dresses with simple lines and retro styles in the shades of brown, camel, khaki and such that can mimic the mood of the film’s setting. Also, going for a breezy maxi dress adorned with mythology-inspired cuffs, necklaces, and earrings can also be great to wear the look.

  1. Iron Man

tony stark suit tony stark inspired outfit

Though Tony Stark is known for his red Iron Man’s suit armor, you don’t have to go for it just to wear the fictional superhero’s look. Like Briana, simply adorn whatever outfit you’re wearing with a statement necklace resembling Iron Man’s distant ring pendant. When you’re heading to the office, opt for smaller pendants that will go well with your business suits. This way, you’ll be able to wear your fictional character’s look without looking costumey on your street style.

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