6 Fashion Week Trends to Add to your Wardrobe

If your closet is in need of some shaking and baking, then you need to observe the hottest international fashion week trends. Here are some outfit ideas that can help rejuvenate your spring and summer get-ups.

All Matched Up

You might have worn mitchy-matchy outfits when you were a child. Now, you will be glad to know that the trend is in once again. As such, one of the fashion week trends that you need to follow is the “all matched up” outfit. From your headwear to your shoes, you will look finer than fine in a mitchy-matchy outfit.

matching suit

matching outfit

Beachy Prints

Summer is all about going to the beach. However, if you are unfortunate enough to NOT be granted a summer vacay, you need not worry as you can wear the beach wherever you wish to go. Tropical prints – such as palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and sunsets – are just some of the fashion week trends that will make you wish it was summer forever.

tropical print outfit palm tree jumpsuit

Fishnet Undershirts

Fishnet undershirts are the best tops to have this hot summer weather. While they can be worn alone, its sexy nature might not be appropriate for the office. So if you want to be able to wear the fashion week trends to the office, then layer your fishnet top under a structured jacket or a low-cut top. With this styling, you don’t have to worry about HR sending you a memo.

fishnet top fishnet outfit

Varsity Jackets

Yes, it might get hot outside, but there might be times when summer nights are cooler than usual. And for these days, one of the fashion week trends that you need to consider is the varsity jacket. While you can always go through your closet and resurrect your old varsity jackets, you can always head to the mall and buy a new one.

varsity jacket red varsity jacket

Button-Lined Slits

Are high-slit skirts too ‘revealing’ for you? Worry not as you can wear this sexy trend – without being concerned about much of your legs – with button-lined slits. What’s great about these fashion week trends is that you can wear it the conservative way (buttoned up) or the sexy way (buttons unraveled!)

denim button skirt button skirt

Elbow Bandeaus

The sleeves are some of the top favorites of designers. Seen on the runways of Fendi and Loewe, elbow bandeaus (known to many as tight elbow wraps) are good additions to your boring work outfits. Because of the color break that they provide, elbow wraps can give a splash of color – dimension even – to your boring work outfit.

elbow tights elbow tights outfit

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