6 Fashion Trends for a Laidback Alexa Chung Style

Alexa Chung – model, author, and style icon. The true definition of an ‘it’ girl, it doesn’t come as a surprise if you wish to channel her unique looks. Get the laidback Alexa Chung style by investing in these sassy style pieces:

Bow-Tie Tops

Bow-tie tops are deemed tacky by many, but now, they have become indispensable fashion pieces, many thanks to the enviable Alexa Chung style. Like the model, you can create a sexy yet smart girl look by wearing a bow-tie top. This is a perfect addition to your work wear, especially if you are tired of the usual button-down polos and silk tops.

bow tie top

bow tie outfit

Striped Tops

The Alexa Chung style is pretty easy to acquire – as the model is fond of wearable trends. One of the items that she loves so much is the striped top, something that most girls have in their closets. Like Alexa, you can achieve a breezy cool style by pairing it with a denim romper or a button-down skirt (more of that below.)

striped top striped top outfit

Button-Down Skirts

If you want to channel a casual Alexa Chung style, then it’s a must that you get your hands on a denim button-down skirt. After all, the model adores this chic item. She is often seen in denim button-down skirts, ranging from minis to midis. To get Alexa’s look, pair your denim bottom with a simple shirt or a lacey top.

button down skirt outfit button down skirt

Vintage Dresses

Most would define the Alexa Chung style as ‘vintage’ and ‘retro chic.’ True enough, these are just some of the adjectives that captivate the half-Chinese icon’s style. So if you are planning on following the footsteps of Alexa, then make sure to raid the thrift stores for cool vintage dresses. The model is often seen in vintage floral frocks, just one of the styles that’s perfect for this hot summer.

vintage dress vintage floral dress


Jumpsuits are integral to an Alexa Chung style. Stylish and easy to wear, it will give you an instant fashion fix – without worrying about styling dilemmas and what not. While jumpsuits are perfect for work, you can wear it for casual summer getaways as well.

orange jumpsuit blue jumpsuit


Menswear styles are very popular, and Alexa Chung is a style disciple of it. One of the menswear trends that she likes in particular is the Oxford shoe. Not only does it channel the British Alexa Chung style, it is very comfy as well. So if you want to be stylishly snug just like the fashion writer, then incorporate your Oxfords into any of your outfits.

black oxfords
red oxfords

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