6 Fashion Styles You Can Create with Saddle Bags

Whatever season you’re in, looking carefree and chic is one of the most fashion-forward looks you can achieve to channel your free-spirited look. So, start with your bag—but sans the baggage. Think of leaving your heavy tote bags at home and toss the clutches, and resort for the laid-back saddle bags. Since its shape is compact enough yet large enough to hold the essentials, you’ll leave your street style effortlessly cool and chic. So, keep on reading for the 6 fashion styles you can create with saddle bags.

  1. Casual Cool Street Style

denim jumpsuit with boots and saddle bag

tunic with denim shorts and saddle bag sweater with jeans and saddle bag denim on denim outfit with saddle bag

The saddle bag can be large or small, structured or floppy that can be perfect for your casual cool street style. Since saddle bag styles can be dressy, casual, simple, or neutral, they can easily look great with your off-duty and weekend looks whether you’re a fan of denim-on-denim look or casual jeans and tee combinations. Wider straps of saddle bags tend to be more comfortable, but look more casual.

  1. Retro Vintage Look

saddle bag with traditional outfit saddle bag with chic dress

The body of some saddle bags can be bulky, but with lots of room for stuff that can easily complement your vintage outfits like peasant dresses, puffed sleeved tops, and retro floral dresses. Just go for saddle bags in leather, canvas, or chain style that will complement your vintage theme.

  1. Modern Chic Style

chic outfit with jacket and saddle bag shirtdress with saddle bag saddle bag with chic outfit

Handbags are one of the favorite accessories of effortlessly cool women, but the saddle bag may not pique your interest if you’re a modern woman that generally doesn’t like wearing bags on your shoulders or across your body. Like street style star Olivia Palermi, find ways to carry the saddle bag in a more comfortable style like treating it like a clutch bag.

  1. Summer-Inspired Look

breezy cobalt blue dress with saddle bag mustard dress with straw hat and satchel bag gingham off shoulder dress with red satchel bag sheer dress with satchel bag

Since summer is all about having that breezy and cool look, saddle bags can be perfect to complete your style. A saddle bag is a rectangular or square bag with rounded edges and has a long strap so you can carry it on the shoulder like a shoulder bag, or across the body like a cross body bag. However, keep in mind that the body of the bag rests on your hip, so be mindful if you’re pear-shaped as it will only highlight your hips rather than diminishing it.

  1. Minimalist Style

navy jumpsuit with sling bag sling bag with shirtdress pastel outfit with sling bag

If you’re a minimalist woman, go for saddle bags with neutral color, simple style, and smart silhouette. You may opt for a colored bag to spice up your minimal outfit, but be sure it’s structured and modern enough to complement your minimalist theme that always calls for sleek and polished touches.

  1. Bohemian Street Style

vintage striped dress with saddle bag and hat off shoulder dress with boho bag lace up sandals with boho outfit lace up sandals with boho outfit and saddle bag

One of the trademark of the bohemian fashion, it can be the perfect accessory to complete your statement. You may go for fringed leather bags or tasseled ones that scream bohemian that will look perfect with floppy hats and free-flowing outfits. Indeed, a saddle bag is a practical hands-free option that will be great for casual wear and women on the go.

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