6 Fashion Styles You Can Create with Lace-Up Footwear

Looking for cool and trendy ways to style up your street looks? Lace-up footwear is all you need to make every outfit scream trendy. Whether you’re aiming for romantic style, bohemian style, eccentric style, or trendy style, keep on reading for our styling tricks on how to create multiple looks with your lace-up footwear.

  1. Romantic Style

cute floral dress with lace up shoes

-romantic-party-dress-with-nude-lace-up-sandals polka dots dress with romantic blouse and lace uo sandals pink matching set with lace up sandals navy dress with lace up sandals lace up shoes with floral dress

A woman with a romantic style is drawn towards feminine colors and girly patterns. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may start with a pair of pink lace-up pumps that will go perfectly with your floral embellished dress. Or, like Micah Gianneli, opt for pastel pink and a nude pair of lace-up sandals that will go well with your matching sets and romantic dresses you usually wear at the garden parties. To keep your style romantic, only opt for lace-up footwear with thin straps without edgy details that will be complementing for your feminine ensembles.

  1. Modern Bohemian Style

choker scarf with pinstripe blazer and architectural skirt with lace up shoes lace up sandals with modern shohemian outfit lace up sandals with boho outfit fringe lace up sandals with black dress embroidered boho dress with lace up sandals

Tassels, fringes, and suede are trademarks of the bohemian fashion, go going for lace-up sandals with these details are great for channeling your carefree vibe effortlessly. Lace-up heels in nude and earthy tones are the craze of the season. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, opt for a pair of lace-up sandals with fringes that will go perfectly with a suede top and retro floral skirt. Or, opt for ones with colorful tassels that will look great with peasant dresses and tiered skirts. You can opt for that Coachella style and pair them with some fringed bag, denim shorts and a simple white shirt.

  1. Casual Chic Style

chambray shirt with lace dress and lace up sandals red denim jacket with frayed jeans and lace up sandals nude lace up sandals with denim on denim outfit lace up boots with chic outfit gray tee with chic skirt and lace up sandals

Looking for ways how to refresh your denim-on-denim outfit? Simply slip into a pair of nude lace-up sandals like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did. Or, think of a pair of lace-up boots that will go perfectly with your chiffon ensembles, chambray shirts, gray tees, and colored jeans. Just stick to the neutral shades of gray, black, and white if you’re aiming for a classic casual look like Miranda Kerr did.

  1. Modern Urban Style

modern chic outfit with lace up sandals statement belt with blue dress and lace up shoes pink clutch with metallic lace up sandals and casual chic outfit leather trousers with structured coat and cobalt blue lace up heels lace up boots with urban outfit statement leather dress with lace up sandals

A modern urban look is one of the basic yet contemporary styles you must go for, especially if you’re in the big city with a fast-paced life. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your lace-up sandals add some pop of color to your all black outfit while keeping its edgy vibe. Or, go for a pair of metallic silver that will add some glam to your outfit with a statement necklace like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did.

  1. Glamorous Style

avant garde black dress with gold belt and lace up heels glamorous lace up sandals with embellished blazer and black dress fur coat with all black outfit and lace up sandals baroque inspired top with lace skirt and lace up sandals

Black and gold color combination is one of the most glamorous looks to opt for. Going for a pair of lace-up sandals in the shades of gold and black, worn with touch enticing fabrics is indeed perfect. Baroque inspired tops, lace skirts, fur coats, or even leather dresses with gold trims are great to keep your look unexpectedly glamorous and sexy.

  1. Eccentric Style

lace up boots with eccentric outfit eccentric outfit with yellow lace up sandals eccentric jacket with skinny jeans and lace up sandals

If you’re a fan of avant-garde fashion, lace-up sandals are perfect to complement your eccentric looks. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, make use of your imagination to add some flair to your statement pieces that you can go for to create a bold statement on the streets, or simply create eye-catching outfits on your next Fashion Week events.

By heeding our style advice, you’ll now have the ability to revamp every outfit and give you that fashion blogger stylish look with almost no effort at all.

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