6 Fashion Hacks That Can Make You More Stylish

If you’re spending a lot of time in front of your closet yet nothing to wear, you might be lacking some inspiration and tricks to make your looks more fashionable. So, keep on reading for the 6 fashion hacks that can make you stylish.

  1. Save money by combining expensive items with sale-rack stuff.

cozy urban chic outfit

urban outfit with navy fur coat

“It’s perfectly okay to mix expensive items with cheaper pieces,” says Ms. Pierson. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of updating your casual overalls with a classy fur coat that can make everything stylish yet effortless. You may even go for some designer pieces like bags, shoes, sunglasses and such that can dress up any cheap-looking ensembles.

  1. Anything less than four items doesn’t count as an outfit.

eccentric outfit with hat suede coat and tall boots with denim skirt

Unless you’re just going for a dress, you’ll need four items to complete your look. This may include chic sunglasses, sexy heels, floppy hat, statement bag, leather gloves, belt and such to put your outfit together. “I call this the four-piece formula. I believe that a great outfit consists of four standout pieces.  A blouse and a skirt are not an outfit, they are just clothes.  But a blouse, a skirt, a jacket, and necklace?  Now that is an outfit. Any combination of four or more works,” says Ms. Brucker.

  1. You are not too good for second-hand stores.

bell sleeved sweater with overalls casual outfit with gray coat

Looking fashionable doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. “Whether you’re buying or selling, consignment shops can be your best friend. Sell last season’s key pieces and you’ll have a bigger budget to pick up some fun pieces for next season,” says Ms. Halcro.

  1. Acknowledge that runway clothes are not meant to be real life clothes.

denim tank top and jeans with choker striped matching set with oxfords

Runway shows may be inspiring, but what you see on fashion runways are not looks everyday women generally like to wear. “I look more to movies and music for my fashion inspiration rather than what’s on the runway. It’s still current and fun but a little more realistic and wearable,” says stylist Vicky Sullivan. You may even think of street style photos and fashion blogs that look more realistic and approachable.

  1. Think of designer clothing online that’s often cheaper than generic clothing in stores.

bohemian dress with coat nude tee with overalls

Some online shops allow you to get high-end brands at pennies on the dollar. “There are so many people selling brand new or almost new items, that you can literally buy designer items at less than you would spend at a discount or big-box store for generic items,” says Ms. Lowe.

  1. Wear trends in small doses.

cozy cool outfit with sneakers bell sleeved top with jeans and baseball cap

Before religiously following trends, recognize that only runway models look good in head-to-toe trends. “Most people should do trends in small doses. For instance, this season is all about velvet but you don’t have to go full goth or pimp to embrace it. Try it out on a small scale, like a velvet pump, a velvet skirt, or even a velvet corded necklace. Find a way to work it in in a way that is right for you” says Mr. Hernandez. Or like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, give a bohemian feel to your street looks with a bell sleeved sweater teamed with jeans, making everything look trendy yet current. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get a more fashionable style in no time.

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