6 Fashion Hacks Every Lazy Girl Needs to Know

We’re living in a golden age of comfy dressing that’s a lazy girl’s fashion paradise. If you’re not the type of girl go thinks carefully on what you’re going to wear in the morning, you might need these 6 fashion hacks that will make your dressing routine effortless yet stylish.

  1. Make “easy on, easy off” your new fashion mantra.

breezy summer dress

tank top with patchworked denim skirt olive green tank top with denim shorts

If you’re going for effortless style, your fashion pieces must also be easy. Skip those buttons, hooks, and snaps as if you can’t pull it on and off in three seconds, you’re not going to want to wear it. Though button-down shirts may be great for a casual style, you might trade them for tank tops, easy dresses, and skirts which are comfortable and cool. Stretchy waistbands, like drawstring pants and shorts, trapeze dresses, and stretchy dresses can be great for you.

  1. Don’t even think about wearing high heels.

lace up flats with denim skirt sporty chic outfit with yellow backpack loafers with layered outfit

Though classic pumps and stiletto heels can dress up your outfits effortlessly, they’re not that comfortable to walk in. So, trade them with lace-up flats, sneakers, loafers, and low chunky heels that can take your from day to night. Remember, you don’t need to wear a stiletto just to look good and you don’t need them sitting in your closet mocking you either.

  1. Avoid looking frumpy in loose clothing by showing a little extra skin.

abstract print dress off shoulder blouser with ripped jeans cold shoulder top with flared trousers

Showing actual skin is way sexier and more comfortable than strapping yourself into something body-con. Think of wearing open tops like cold-shoulder, off-shoulder, backless and halter tops in free-flowing silhouette to keep you comfortable and cool, but balance them with chic bottoms. If you have a billowy top, wear something short on the bottom. And if you’re wearing something loose on the bottom, pair it with something that shows off your arms, chest, shoulders, or back.

  1. Just wear a jacket to highlight your waist rather than wearing belts.

black outfit with camel coat sailor blazer with casual outfit casual chic outfit with denim jacket

While good belts are expensive, a bad belt will ruin your outfit while keeping you uncomfortable. If you want to emphasize your waist, just layer a jacket or coat with your outfit of different color to create the vertical illusion that will slim down your waist.

  1. Jumpsuits, rompers, and matching sets take the guesswork out of getting dressed.

floral print matching set striped jumpsuit matching set with gold chain sandals

Get yourself a good romper, jumpsuit or matching set that will make your morning dressing effortless. It makes you look pulled together with minimal effort. Just for flattering prints that flatter your personality or colors that look great on your skin tone.

  1. Make sure all your stuff is machine-washable.

ruffled vintage dress with woven bag peach outfit with knitted jacet gingham dress with denim jacket

Dry-cleaning and ironing is annoying and not something you would love to do. On the other hand, if you buy something “dry-clean only”, you will wear it until it gets dirty and then leave it sitting in a dry-cleaning pile. This way you won’t pay a fortune for something you’re not wearing. By heading these simple hacks, you’ll be able to make your dressing routine effortless and your style more fashionable.

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