6 Fashion Essentials to Create an Eternal Style

While trends come and go, personal style is eternal as there are certain concepts and pieces representing you that are timeless. Though the options are limitless, you may start with a few ones that will keep your looks stylish and functional. So, take the concepts and pieces and make them your own with the 6 fashion essential that will help you create an eternal style.

  1. Little Black Dress

elegant-clutch-with-little-black-dress little-black-dress-with-choker

A little black dress is not only a statement piece, but also a go to. When in doubt, wear your little black dress that will look fabulous for any occasion. Like fashion blogger Janni Deler, go for a little black dress and a choker to add some edge to your street style. Whether you’re heading to a cocktail party, date after work, or business meeting, a black dress always looks appropriate.

  1. Blazer

leopard-print-blazer-with-white-dress boots-with-tights-and-tuxedo-blazer

Every woman should own a blazer. Though it might go well with your suit set, a blazer can add some polish to any outfit you’re wearing. Depending on the color, a blazer can add a pop of color and be the eye catching piece. Also, it can neutralize an outfit if you stick in the black-navy-gray realm. Since blazers come in so many various cuts and lengths, you can have your pick to creating so many stylish looks.

  1. Denim

ripped-jeans-with-tank-top flared-jeans-with-white-tee

Whether it’s a pair of skinny jeans, denim jacket, overalls, or vests, you can’t go wrong with denim. It can be a casual look or dressed up with a blazer. Wear the ones that you feel great in with some heels and you are good to go. Also, dark denim is versatile and looks great day or night. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, you may go for a pair of ripped jeans and tank top, together with a pair of leopard sneakers and you’ll look effortlessly cool on your street style.

  1. Statement Necklace

statement-necklace-with-silver-gray-dress-and-gold-pumps asymmetrical-heels-and-statement-necklace-with-chic-outfit

Statement necklaces add an extra oomph to any outfit. If you are shy, it makes a great conversation piece. To keep your looks timeless, better go for silver or gold finishes with classic gemstones or pearls which will go well to any of your outfit. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a jeweled bib necklace to add some elegance to your classic outfit.

  1. Black and White Ensembles

black-and-white-dress-with-classic-pumps pink-belt-with-black-and-white-outfit

The black and white look instantly creates a chic look with class. This monochromatic look can be pulled off in a multitude of ways. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may opt for a black top and team it with a white feminine skirt, or go for a black-and-white dress in a classic style like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim did.

  1. Bold Colored Accessory

party-pumps-with-all-black-outfit hot-pink-bag-with-gingham-outfit

You can never go wrong with a pop of color. Instead of investing on bold colored ensembles, go for accessories that can extend your minimal pieces. However, bold jewel tones look more classy and timeless over neon. So think of a red clutch, red shoes, and such that instantly add some flair to your outfits. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that eternal style effortlessly.

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