6 Fall Layering Tips – How to Layer in Autumn

Because of the cold temperatures, autumn fashion is all about layering and bunching up. But if you are tired of the usual pairings and ensembles, then make sure to try these unique fall layering tips.

Blouse + Sweater Vest

A sweater vest is a good layering piece that goes with anything. While it’s often worn with a button-down top, you can always wear it with a dressy blouse. It’s one of the best fall layering tips to follow, especially if you want to create a casual-formal look that befits the office – and the mall.

gucci sweater vest outfit

Strapless Pieces + Shirts

Strapless items, such as a bustier, crop top, or romper, are often reserved for the summer. However, you can still wear them this season by following these fall layering tips. Instead of burying your summer pieces in the closet, take them as a second layer over your favorite tee.

shirt and tube top shirt over dress

Shirtdress + Skirt

A shirtdress is a classic workwear piece that transcends the laws of time. However, the thin fabric of this dress cannot transcend the nippiness of the cold autumn air. So if you want to be able to wear this item for autumn, then make sure to follow the fall layering tips of wearing your shirtdress with a skirt. Remember: it’s best if the skirt is shorter so the ends of the shirtdress can pop out.

shirtdress and skirt shirtdress with skirt

Turtleneck + Dress

Turtlenecks are great autumn items as they are, but do you know that they are pivotal to most fall layering tips? Instead of wearing them with the usual coats and blazers, why not wear them underneath your favorite dresses? With this combo, you can sashay in your favorite sleeveless dresses – without worrying about freezing yourself off.

turtleneck and dress turtleneck and printed dress

Button-Down + Dress

Another of the fall layering tips that you need to follow is the button-down top and dress equation. This clothing technique is one of the best ways to conquer work in style. Make sure to mind balance – wear a plain button-down with a printed dress – or a printed top with a plain dress. Should you go for the prints on prints combo, choose styles with a unifying color and theme – so the designs won’t have to fight each other.

olivia button-down and dress alexa button-down and dress

Dress + Pants

Another one of the fall layering tips you need to master is the dress plus pants combo. Again, this is a good way to wear your short or mid-length dresses without having to wear tights or leggings. Placing pants underneath your favorite frocks can give your autumn style a whole new dimension.

geometric dress over pants

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