6 Fall Fashion Trends to try from Instagram

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social networking site this year and it has rapidly changed so many things in different industries. And the fashion industry is no exception. The most visually-reliant social media there is, it has come to no surprise that Instagram has become one of the fashion mavens’ main channel to their brand and works.

Fashion bloggers also make use of the social network as an extension of their blog and some have even moved fully into the social media and made it their only platform. Yes, there are certainly fashion bloggers who use Instagram, and Instagram alone, to reach their audience. No websites at all.

That being said, Instagram has also become a place to find fashion and style inspiration as well as see trends in fashion. So we gathered some notable fashion trends for this season from the social media platform itself.


There is no question to turtleneck being part of the fall fashion trends. It’s practically for the season. But for this year’s fall, you want to spice it up a bit and step out of your comfort-zone black turtlenecks. While these are gorgeous and can be worn with almost anything, you may want to try out turtlenecks in fall colors, particularly anything from Pantone’s Fall 2016 color trends.chunky-turtleneck-for-fall



Let us all end this nonsense “Do not wear white after Labor Day” pseudo-rule. You so can wear white after Labor Day. You want, however, to stick it to secondary or accentual color instead of the outfit’s dominant one. Think of white shoes, white purses or even a white button shirt layered twice under. You can pair your white items with something dark for that sharp and contrasting look.white-sneakers-for-fallwhite-blouse-and-wedged-heels-for-fall

Logo Shirt

We all know that logo shirt has that innate normcore or casualness to it. Which is why it is so easy to incorporate logo shirts into casual everyday outfits. But, with how a dash of androgyny has become widely accepted, pairing logo shirts wth more feminine or formal clothing like pleated skirts can also be done.logo-shirt-outfit-for-falllogo-shirt-and-pleated-skirt-for-fall

Colored Overall

We all began loving overalls the moment it became tremendously popular last year. But you have to know that denim, black or white are not the only options you have to wear it. Take it from the Instagram fashion stars: there is no other way to get into the autumn vibes than to start wearing muted tones. If there is still a glimpse of sun and a little warmth, then by all means try to opt for overall dresses or even shortalls.olive-green-overalls-for-fallburgundy-overall-dress-for-fall

Denim Skirt 2.0

This trend has certainly made a quicker comeback than most. What was once hugely popular in the late 90s and early 00s, has returned now: denim skirts. To spice up your look, though, you may also try hitting two comeback trends with one outfit by donning a denim skirt with embroideries. Embroidered denim anyone?embroidered-denim-skirt-for-fallembroidered-dark-denim-skirt-for-fall

Asymmetrical Skirt

Move over, symmetry, this year is definitely the year for asymmetrical hemlines. You can either go for something tailored and sleek that creates this added geometrical feel to your look or opt for flowing fabrics that blurs that asymmetrical hemline which adds the romantic feel of the skirt.pleated-asymmetrical-skirt-for-fallasymmetrical-drop-waist-dress-for-fall

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