6 Facts about Fashion Psychology That Might Affect Your Style

What you wear affects you psychologically as it can alter your mood and influence how others respond to you. Some cut and fabric dramatically change the appearance of your body, while colors add some personality to your look. Since your clothes can affect your job prospects and self-image, keep on reading for the fashion psychology facts that might affect your style.

  1. People who dress like the boss are more likely to be appointed and get promoted quicker.



Apart from the reason that you have to comply with your office’s dress code, a professional outfit can boost the professionalism at your workplace. A man in a tailor-made suit is thought to be more confident and more trustworthy than a man in an off-the-peg suit. On the other hand, a woman who is dressed in a masculine style is more likely to get appointed than one who is over-feminized. So, think of straight leg pants, structured blazers, and button-down shirts to gain more respect and authority at your work.

  1. Men are more likely to approach a woman for a date if she is wearing red.

burgundy-body-con-dress-with-asymmetric-heels red-maxi-dress-with-statement-necklace

If you wish to look attractive on your upcoming date, go for a red outfit but keep it demure since the color is already daring. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may go for a darker shade of red if you think bold red is too striking for you, but opt for a midi length of dress that hugs your curves without looking provocative. This way, you’ll keep your feminine flair with elegance. Also, people walk faster when approaching someone wearing red than wearing blue, so think of going for more muted shade of red if you don’t want to look intimidating.

  1. People show more mental agility when wearing a white coat they believe is a doctor’s, but not if they are told it’s a painter’s coat.

all-white-outfit-with-lightweight-coat white-jeans-with-structured-coat

White gives off some pure and pristine elegance. According to the studies, patients put more trust in a doctor who wears a white coat. If you’re working in a professional workplace, think of white coats to give some trustworthy look to your style.

  1. Wearing all one color makes the body look slimmer, while patterns can sometimes make the body appear larger.

black-dress-with-maxi-skirt-and-turquoise-shoes striped-romper-with-sunglasses

Wearing all one color blurs the dividing lines which makes the body look slimmer. That’s the reason why an all-black outfit is slimming. However, the human eye takes longer to travel across patterned fabrics which can sometimes make the body appear larger regardless of your color choice. If you wish to look more flattering, wear lines strategically. Diagonal lines placed on the body in the form of clothing detail or fabric creates a slimmer illusion. On the other hand, vertical lines create a longer illusion, but curves or bumps interrupting the lines create the opposite effect.

  1. Provocatively dressed women are judged as being less competent than those who cover up.

chic-trench-vest-dress off-shoulder-printed-dress

If you wish to show some skin at your workplace, keep everything decent as a provocatively dressed woman are judged as being less competent than those who cover up. If you wish to show some skin, bring it on with an off-shoulder dress with a decent hemline, or a long sleeved dress coat with a moderate slit.

  1. Choosing the right clothes can make a person less anxious and less depressed.

printed-dress-with-casual-sandals casual-cool-outfit-with-chunky-sandals

Your clothes say a lot about your mood and personality, and wearing ones that make you feel beautiful can lessen your anxiety and stress. By taking these psychology facts into consideration, you’ll be able to dress well with style.

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