6 Fabulous & Wearable Halloween Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Halloween is just right around the corner, and while many of us are busy thinking of their Halloween costumes to wear to Halloween parties this year, I know there is one other thing keeping It Girls like you busy and that is your Halloween makeup look. If you’re looking for inspiration this year, check out these fabulous and highly wearable Halloween makeup looks that are easy to do.

  1. Sugar skull – this has got to be one of the most popular Halloween makeup looks you’ll see on every makeup lover’s face this Halloween. Aside from being scary but chic, this look is also the perfect excuse to use all those bright and gorgeous colors from your starter palettes. The Sugar Skull is inspired by the Catrina from the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos.sugar-skull-in-3d
  2. Mermaid – going as a mermaid to the party for this year’s Halloween? Make sure to complete your look with mermaid makeup, too! Colors like purple, green, pink, and blue are going to be really good for this kind of Halloween makeup look, and your highlighters and glitter pigments are going to make it pop.mermaid-makeup-and-embellishments mermaid-makeup-look
  3. Harley Quinn – Harley Quinn is a big hit this year, so expect to see a lot of runny eyeliners and mascaras and pink and blue eye shadows. Her look is easy to recreate, so if you want something quick and easy, this one is definitely for you.harley-quinn-makeup
  4. Broken doll – remember when you were younger and you used to play with mom’s makeup to recreate your favorite doll’s makeup look on your face? Well, it seems like you’ll be able to use all that practice for this year’s Halloween makeup look since broken dolls are getting more popular too. Be sure to create the illusion of cracked lines on random spots to really get that broken theme going.broken-doll-realistic-makeup broken-doll
  5. Wednesday Addams – foundation that’s stark white, dark eyebrows, jet black liner, and black or purple lipstick — these are all that you need to create a Wednesday Addams inspired look. If you’re really good with eyeliner, vamp up the cat eye and transform into Morticia instead.wednesday-addams-inspired-look
  6. Snapchat filters – Halloween is the perfect time to bring your favorite filter to life! Snap up a picture with your favorite picture and start copying and recreating the look in real life on your face! My favorite one has to be the filter that makes you puke rainbows, though the deer one is pretty too. Be sure to complete your look with props to make it look more Snapchat-y.snapchat-deer snapchat-filter


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