6 Excuses for Not Looking Your Best Debunked

Laziness, lack of creativity, and lack of inspiration may be some of the reasons to forgo a great sense of style. But whatever your issue, putting it in perspective and developing a fashion formula for keeping stylish all the time might be helpful. So, keep on reading for the 6 excuses for not looking your best debunked.

  1. “Only the rich can dress well.”

burgundy ballet flats with office outfit

red dress with bib necklace chic jumpsuit with cap toe pumps

Though a quick flip through most fashion magazines will present you the most fashionable designer goods, it may dishearten you if you’re tight on budget. Remember, looking fashionable doesn’t depend on your clothing labels, but the clothes that look flattering for you. There is now a price point for every budget, with designer collaborations and affordable offerings flourishing even in big box retailers. Think on investing in quality goods and timeless pieces that you can wear in a lifetime.

  1. “My conservative office leaves no room for style.”

dress with leather blazer olive green office outfit with blazer modern business suit

If you’re in a conservative workplace, the dress code might call for black suits, white button-down shirts, classic pumps and such that you look similar in the office. But even in that bland scene, there’s room for style. The key is to look enough like your colleagues and clients that they feel comfortable, while still carving a visual niche for you. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, opt for a black sheath dress and a leather blazer that looks like a modern suit without compromising your professional image. A structured blazer, slim dark denim and such may be a great alternative to your basics. Just play around with pieces and styles until you feel like you’ve achieved that perfect balance.

  1. “It doesn’t matter how I look at my casual office.”

jogger pants with chic blouse and stiletto pumps skinny jeans with jacket sailor blazer with skinny jeans

Whether your office is casual every day or just on Fridays, “casual” is not code for “careless.” However, dressing up for a casual workplace doesn’t mean going for heels and a power suit, but don’t lose sleek style in casual pants or jeans. Save your ripped and distressed denim on your weekend street style and opt for a net pair of jeans or chic jogger pants to avoid looking overdressed. Also, accessories elevate any outfit that will make your looks pulled together and not sloppy.

  1. “I can’t invest in my appearance until I lose 10 pounds.”

cutoff shorts with off shoulder topgladiators with boho dress white tee with suede jumpdress

Given the ample evidence that what’s being portrayed in ads is not reality, why torture ourselves when our bodies don’t meet those standards? Whatever size you’re in, always go for clothes that flatter your body type. Skip those oversized and ill-fitting outfits that will take away the sophistication from you. Take pride in your current body and accentuate your best assets because people will notice your confidence more than your dress size.

  1. “It doesn’t quite fit but it’s so cheap.”

boyfriend jeans with striped tunic knitted shiftdress with sneakers coat with casual outfit

“I’ll just wear it a bit ‘oversized’ that’s a trend now anyway.” The reasoning might be justified since it serves you a purpose, but don’t feel obligated to fit in with the clothes that are not for you. After all, a sale in the store can’t define which clothes will flatter you best so take time to consider everything before buying the trendy items.

  1. “Fashion trends will only look great for tall women.”

oversized sweater with skirt gladiator sandals wirh retro floral dress culottes with off shoulder top

Trends come and go so it must not dictate you what looks great on you. Instead go for flattering styles and trends that work for you whether you’re tall, petite, or curvy. By considering these excuses debunked, you’ll be able to create more sound judgment on deciding what looks great on you.

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