6 Exciting Fall Makeup Trends

As fall draws nearer, I’m finding it harder and harder to contain myself and my excitement for the new fall makeup trends and looks. While I certainly love the fun, bright colors of summer, there’s just something about fall makeup that makes me look forward to it more. Maybe it’s the vampy shades, or the warm and neutral glow. Whatever it is, I’m sure there are tons of you out there too who prefer fall makeup over any other makeup looks. This year, we’re expecting a lot of exciting trends in the makeup department. CHeck out these trends that are worth anticipating.

  1. Glitter lids – matte’s still hot and all, but beauty enthusiasts are going for the more glam option this fall so glitter swept lids are going to be one of the hottest makeup trends. Go for finer glitters for the day and build it up with chunkier glitter for the night.glitter-light-lids
  2. Liner framed eyes – forget about using your eyeliner for subtle eye defintion for a while and just have fun with your eyeliner this season by creating bold eyeliner framed eyes. These are perfect for making small eyes pop.liner-framed-eyes-up-down liner-framed-eyes
  3. Deep grape lips – it looks like we already know what the lip color of the season will be and it’s deep grape. I think deep grape lips are awesome. They have that deep, dark look to them but also that refreshing not-so-berry hue which, i think, we all need.deep-grape-gigi-hadid deep-purple-matte-lips
  4. Charcoal eyes – another makeup trend that’s going to be big this fall focuses on the eyes. If you’re looking for a fresh, new way to wear your favorite smoky look, the charcoal eye trend might just be what you are looking for. To get the look, just smudge on some creamy liner to the lids, diffuse the color with a brush and you are done.charcoal-eyes charcoal-smoky-eye-look-kendall
  5. Bold lashes – looking for a new way to create a statement with your eyes? Leave it bare and just go with a pair of bold falsies. Go crazy and wear falsies as long and as thick as you want. This is a great way to dress up your eyes for fall weekends.bold-lash-clumpy-look bold-false-lashes
  6. Intense contouring – contouring is back and it’s back hard. By that, i mean intense contouring is one of the biggest trends for fall this year. Be ready for some seriously chiseled jaws and strongly defined cheekbones. Make sure you up your contouring skills, too, to stay on top of the beauty game.intense-contoured-look intense-contour



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