6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Closet

Apart from the closet dilemma, there are times in our lives that our wardrobes need to be revamped due to clothing stuffed and jammed on shelves, hangers with no breathable space between them, and pairs of shoes tossed in piles. If your frustration has reached an all-time high with the shape of your closet, keep on reading for the 7 easy tips to declutter your closet.

  1. Seasonalize your clothes.

little white dress with heels

winter outfit with scarf

Instead of keeping all clothing in a closet at all times, remove out-of-season items and stow them in zippered bags under beds. Though you can wear some of your summer clothes in the winter with the help of layers, those mesh, lightweight, and sheer pieces can be removed from your closets to make way for winter items.

  1. Utilize buckets and baskets.

cozy winter outfit houndstooth sweater with black pants

Instead of placing items randomly on closet shelves, utilize light-weight buckets and baskets for specific items. For example, one bucket or basket would be for just socks or just T-shirts that don’t need to be hung, as well as stretchy dresses that don’t need ironing. This way, you’ll will allow much more hang-room for those items that need to be on hangers such as winter coats and dresses.

  1. Make use of wall hooks and wall hampers.

cobalt blue band jacket with jeans fall coat with over the knee boots

If you were to look in any of your closets, chances are good that you would notice ample wall space where hooks could be placed which could greatly expand your storage potential.  Whether for scarves, belts, hats, or necklaces, hooks will keep smaller items neatly organized. Also, a hamper in or beside the closet will keep you from throwing clothes on the floor.

  1. Utilize high spaces and closet organizers.

little white dress with blazer sweater with red full skirt

Think of installing shelves as high as they can go on interior closet walls, while still being accessible. Also, think of making use of shelves for any folded items, rods for hanging items, and bins for shoes and other smaller articles. Remember, everything can have its own place and your closet will look delightfully organized.

  1. Take advantage of your closet doors.

lace skirt with baroque top summer dress with winter coat

Maximize your storage space by keeping your closets neat and orderly. The backs of your closet doors can be instantly positioned for hats, belts or coats.  Shoe organizers work wonders, as well as sling bag organizers. Also, functional pouches on closet doors can be great for storing your jewelry to craft supplies, as well as rolled-up T-shirts, scarves, and hats.

  1. Let go of the pieces that no longer serve you.

embroidered lavender dress tribal print cape with boots

Let go of those items you haven’t worn in the past 6 months as you won’t ever wear it. To identify which pieces you rarely wear, turn all the hangers in your closet so the hooks are pointing toward you. When you wear something, place the hanger in the opposite direction and any hanger still facing the ‘wrong’ direction within 6 months is ready for the donation bag. By heeding our tricks, you’ll feel incredibly organized and make your morning dressing much easier.

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