6 Easy Breezy Bottoms for the Workplace

Dressing up for work is both fun and challenging. It’s fun because, hey, who doesn’t like dressing up in general and it’s challenging because you have to make sure that you look professional and chic while also keeping your outfit comfortable enough for you to be able to move in them all day long. If you ever feel restricted by the pants that you wear to work, check out these easy breezy bottoms for the workplace that you are sure to love.

  1. Structured shorts – not many offices allow shorts in the workplace but if yours does, don’t just settle for any pair of shorts, make sure they’re the structured kind so that you can still get that chic, professional vibe while keeping comfy.shorts for work
    shorts for the office
  2. Skorts – now, if your workplace doesn’t allow wearing shorts but you still want something that’s comfy, get a little sneaky and wear skorts instead. Skorts are great for the workplace because they have the look of a skirt but offer the comfort of shorts. Pair them off with a dressy top and you’re good to go.skort black white and gray outfit skorts suit outfit
  3. A-line skirt – an a-line skirt is the perfect one to wear to work if you’re feeling a little extra girly for the day. It’s also perfect if you want something light, easy and breezy to keep your comfortable while you finish up the day’s tasks. A-line skirts come in all lengths but I find that midi length is best for keeping the professional vibe in your look.a line cherry blossom skirt a line denim midi with buttons
  4. Culottes – instead of your everyday trousers, why not try wearing culottes to work at least once? Culottes are great for achieving that easy, breezy look and feel and are great for incorporating a bit more of your fashion sense into your office outfit. Be sure to wear your culottes with heels to get a height boosting effect. Avoid any other slouchy / loose fitting items, too, to keep your look from being too casual.culottes and sleeveless top culottes outfit for work
  5. Wide legged pants – if you’re not into culottes, you can opt for any other pair of wide legged pants instead. Wear your pair with a fitted and structured top to get some shape and definition in your look and, as usual, finish off with heels.wide legged pants and striped top wide legged pants in red
  6. Maxi skirt – you might think a maxi skirt is too casual to be worn to work but the secret to pulling it off lies in what other pieces you wear with it Wear it with a crop top or a plain tee and you have casual but dress it up with a structured blouse or anything topped with a blazer and you have chic office-appropriate style.maxi skirt and blue top maxi skirt and button up shirt


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