6 Different Ways to Style your Short Hair

Do you have short hair? While it’s perfect for the summer, you might run out of ways on how to wear it. Fret not as you can create multiple stunning looks with these different ways to style your short hair.

Straight and Smooth

If you have straight hair, then you need not worry. While there are many ways to style your short hair, you can stick with the elegant smooth and straight style. Part your hair any way you want it – you can even use a straightening iron for ultra-straight strands. If you want, you can apply a hair shine agent for a truly memorable look.

sleek hair

sleek hairdo

Sleek Ponytail

Yes, your short hair is a savior during summer. But if you want to achieve the long hair image with your chopped tresses, then try a sleek ponytail – just one of the refreshing ways to style your short hair. To get an elegant look, incorporate a center or side part. You can add a hair sheen product for a look that you can take from day to night.

ponytail hair ponytail

Short Hair Blow Out

There are different ways to style your short hair – some are even similar to the that of long-haired beauties. Get the same seductive look by treating your short hair to a voluminous blowout. Arrange your strands to the side for a sexy look that’s perfect for the beach.

blowout hair blowout hairdo

Textured Tousles

If you want to create an “I just got out of bed” look without being too sloppy, then textured and tousled tresses are perfect for you. Spritz salt spray on the ends for the perfect beach babe look.

textured tousled hair

Half-Up, Half-Down

If you are looking for easy ways to style your short hair, then a half-up, half-down hairdo is perfect for you. You can style this in a number of ways – with parted hair or with a voluminous top. With the many cute elastics out there, you can modify your look according to your mood (or the occasion.)

half up half down half up half down hair

One-Side Braids

Braids are hot for summer, that’s why it is considered as one of the best ways to style your short hair. Like Lauren Conrad, you can get the angelic look with a one-side braid. Part your hair to one side, and gather several strands from said side and create your braid. Your braids can be small and polished, or medium and loose. Anchor with a bobby pin for a romantic look that’s perfect for all occasions.

one side braid one-sided braid

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