6 Creative Ways to Wear Floral Trend on the Beach

Mother Nature inspires us in every little thing including fashion. But in terms of being painted or printed on clothing, floral patterns were seen on Japanese kimonos around the year 794 and on rich Genoese velvets in the 1400s. However, the floral trend keeps coming back since we always think of a flower as the symbol of a woman that looks feminine and fresh. If you’re heading to the beach to soak up the sun, keep on reading for our 6 creative ways to wear the floral trend.

  1. Summer Dresses

floral print beach dress

floral print tea dress with sandals floral print maxi dress

Nothing’s more romantic and feminine than wearing floral print dresses on your beach looks. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, opt for a breezy style that will look airy and feels lightweight on the beach over those form-fitting ones. Feel free to go for backless style, halter neckline, high-slit dresses, and tube ones that will keep your beach looks creative at the same time summer-inspired.

  1. Swimsuit and Bikinis

retro floral print swimsuit floral top solid navy bikini floral print swimwear floral print swimsuit floral print bandeau with shorts floral matching set bikini

Looking for creative ways to look cute on the waters? Opt for floral-print swimsuits and bikinis that will keep you flirty at the same time sexy. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may actually opt for a ruffled floral print bandeau to add some volume on your bust line while keeping your beach looks flirty. Graphic prints are trendy nowadays, so think of getting a swimsuit with a magnified floral print like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, so you’ll look creative and summer-inspired on the beach.

  1. Beach Cover-ups

floral print cover up shirt with hat floral print hoodies with swimsuit floral print cover up with pink bikini

If you’re looking for versatile swimsuits like plain blacks, or simply solid-colored neon, wear the floral trend on your beach cover-ups. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may opt for a hood-like cover-up with floral graphics that will go well with your brightly-colored bikinis. Also, think of your lightweight blouses with floral prints that can also be worn on the streets on the beach as a cover-up like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did.

  1. Chic Rompers

floral print romper with sandals white floral print romper floral romper with summer sandals

Looking for an effortlessly chic beach look? Resort to floral print rompers that will keep you breezy and chic. Like Fashion blogger Jessica Stein, pick a flattering neckline on your rompers to add some sexiness to your figure. Generally, a V-neckline or wrap style of rompers is universally flattering. Simply wear a dainty necklace that will add some glam to your beach looks.

  1. Crochet Tops and Dresses

crochet cover up with swimwear lace dress with beach bag crochet top with denim shorts

If you’re not a fan of bright colors and cheery prints, simply opt for a crochet or lace tops and dresses with floral motifs to keep your beach looks summer-inspired. Whether it’s a cover-up, a dress, or a crop top, crochet will add some carefree vibe to your summer looks while keeping you breezy and flirty.

  1. Shorts or Trousers

floral print pom pom shorts with sheer top and pink hat floral print pants with bandeau top

Apart from cover-ups, you’ll need lightweight shorts and trousers when you’re off the waters. Go for a graphic print or even embroidered one that will add some spice to your beach looks. Indeed, floral trend is one of the most stylish and creative looks to incorporate this season on your summer getaway.

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