6 Common Style Rules Busted

Style rules are some of the best guidelines to keep our looks fashionable and appropriate. However, many of the style rules women follow are outdated notions that can stunt the growth of our wardrobes. Whether you were taught to always match your shoes with your bag or you should always dress for your body shape, keep on reading for the 6 common style rules busted.

  1. Curvy women should avoid prints.



According to Rachel Matthews Burton, a Canadian fashion stylist, limiting yourself with old-school style rules can prevent you from looking like the best version of yourself. Though patterns and prints create an illusion, the opposite is true. “Prints act as great camouflage because the eyes see the lovely print, not the area you’re trying to cover up,” says Burton. You must pay attention to scale and size of prints. If you’re curvy, stick with bigger and bolder patterns as smaller designs can get lost.

  1. You’ll make your looks too loud if you mix contrasting colors in one outfit.


This season is all about color blocking bold colors and daring hues. When trying to figure out what colors to put together, Burton’s rule of thumb is to experiment with paint chips. “It’s a great way to find inspiration and to create color combinations you may not have thought about before,” she says. Color-blocking works best when the cut of the clothing is simple. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your cobalt blue pantsuit trendy with a pair of cobalt blue sandals.

  1. Petite women should avoid wearing maxi skirts and dresses.

high-waist-skirt-with-striped-top sling-bag-with-knitted-dress-and-sneakers

Petite women think being short means donning only clothes with short hemlines. On the contrary, just because a maxi dress and skirt touch your toes doesn’t make it off-limits. According to Burton, wearing a long dress with wedge heels will create a really nice, unbroken long and lean line. To avoid swamping your petite frame, look for a maxi dress or skirt that fit properly, and skip those dresses dragging on the ground. Instead, take it to a tailor to get it hemmed to the right length.

  1. Bottom-heavy women won’t look flattering in figure-hugging skirts and white pants.

neon-green-skirt-with-white-top v-neckline-kristina-bazan-all-white

If you’re bottom-heavy, you must know what kind of pieces you should wear. One of your best options is a mermaid-cut skirt that flares at, or below, the knee. “You want form-fitting as opposed to A-line,” says Burton. Also, many women will default to black pants because they think they’re the most slimming over white pants. However, it’s always about cut over color according to Burton. When shopping, opt for a pair of white pants that fit well, over a pair of black pants that don’t.

  1. Tall women should skip wearing heels.

booties-with-fall-outfit camel-coat-with-sling-sandals

You have to walk tall, no matter your height as confidence pull offs everything. When it comes to the shoe type, select a style with a strap that cuts below the anklebone. “This is a lot more flattering than something that cuts above the bone, which truncates the leg,” Burton says.

  1. Never mix gold with silver.

mixed-metals-with-edgy-outfit gold-necklace-with-silver-cuff-and-rings

If you wish to break this accessorizing rule, pay attention to the metal’s luster. “If you want to make your look complementary, keep the sheen similar,” says Burton. In other words, don’t mix a matte silver with a high-gloss rose gold. Not only can you pair gold and silver, but you can add bronze to the mix, too. By breaking these common rules, you’ll be able to make your style more expressive and fashion-forward.

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