6 Commandments of Foolproof Style

You may be drawn to color blocked clothes that look trendy or laser cut outfits that look modern, but sooner or later, these looks will fade and you’ll welcome a new trend in your life again. Getting a foolproof style will stand regardless of the season and trends, so keep on reading for these timeless rules and take the guesswork out of getting dressed.

  1. Style around your shoes.

architectural heels with striped pants and one shoulder top

leopard print ballet flats with classic outfit floral print sweater with sneakers and jeans black and white oxfords with patent leather jacket

One of the most strategic ways to create an outfit is starting from the bottom and work up. If you’re wearing statement shoes, you might want them to steal the show and not contradict with your outfit. Like fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers, you may go for an architectural pair of heels and go for a pair of striped pants, and perhaps a one-shoulder top to complement the theme of your shoes.  If you’re going to be doing lots of running around, by all means wear flats. A pair of leopard print ballet flats will look perfect with your office outfit consists of a button-down shirt, straight-leg pants, and lightweight coat. Letting great footwear shape the colors, the prints, and the silhouettes of your ensemble, instead of adding them as an after-thought, ensures that you’ll be put together.

  1. Wear just one color, but vary the tones.

monochromatic outfit with edgy choker white dress with nude cardigan shirtdress with cardigan mustard coat with brown bag

Pulling together a monochromatic outfit in the morning is a no-brainer. But, make it look more dynamic by mixing light and dark versions of your shade of choice while keeping in mind that darker tones in the outfit will have a minimizing effect, and the lighter ones will draw attention.

  1. Use chic pieces to elevate the casual look.

chic tank top with jeans vintage bag with breezy outfit layered outfit with dressy coat crochet top and flared pants with coat

Nothing says “confident, effortless style” like combining elements from two different dress codes and pulling it off. Instead of going for a cotton tank top, think of a silk or chiffon one that will look a lot dressier when worn with your favorite jeans. A formal dress can be made a bit casual with a leather jacket, denim vest, or a cardigan while modernizes your look.

  1. Mix masculine pieces with feminine ensembles.

edgy outfit with sneakers tuxedo blazer with brooch and choker-scarf skinny jeans with tuxedo blazer sexy borrowed from boys outfit

A mash-up of ladylike and tomboy elements creates a look neither too saccharine nor too tough. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of wearing your tuxedo blazer with a sexy bandeau top and a body chain that will make your style modern and edgy. You may also try feminine silhouettes in classic menswear textiles, or pair your frilly skirt with a masculine blazer that will create a perfect look.

  1. Highlight your waist with a belt or outfit style.

art deco dress with belt striped dress with studded belt red maxi dress with floor length cardigan polka dots dress with slim belt

No matter what type of middle you’re starting with, narrowing it is an instantly slimming strategy. This trick can be helpful when you’re wearing a shapeless less or heavy layers that will make you look heavier than you actually are. Just find a silhouette that’s right for your shape, be it Empire or A-line. Or, for a universal fix, just add a belt to a capacious dress to counteract the tent effect.

  1. Complete your style with flattering accessories.

off shoulder dress with tote bag and pom pom bracelet cobalt blue lace dress with bib necklace bib necklace with classic outfit

Feel free to add your own finishing touches by stacking bracelets, layering necklaces, or even reimagining how you wear a classic scarf. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, a bib necklace may be enough for you if you got that minimalist style with a feminine twist. Indeed, these commandments will help you get a foolproof style that knows no season nor trends.

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