6 Colorful Ways to Wear Floral Accessories

Floral-print accessories are always a safe bet for spicing up your plain outfit with prints while adding some feminine and flirty touch to your looks. From bright, candy-colored, and painted prints, floral accessories are much more wearable to your neutral and even colorful outfits making them easier to make a statement on your street style. Keep on reading for our 6 colorful ways of wearing floral print accessories to help you get back your fresh and colorful look.

  1. Flower-Shaped Jewelry

floral earrings with cute tee and denim shorts

gold floral necklace with gold bracelet

Whether made from the refined gold and silver metals or colorful gemstones, flower shaped jewelry has been the preferred choice for looking elegant, flirty, and feminine on your looks. Since they’re close to the face, they make you look more feminine and innocent on whatever outfit you’re wearing. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a gold jewelry set to match your sophisticated outfit, or a chic floral shaped earrings to be perfect with your casual cool outfit.

  1. Floral Hats

floral hat with colorful outfit floral hat with cute outfit floral print baseball cap with white top

Whether a floral print baseball cap or a floral embellished brimmed hat, floral touches make you look more feminine in your street looks. When thinking of fascinators or hats you’re going to wear with the upcoming Ascot racecourse, why not think of chic floral ornaments that can add some sophistication to your elegant dress. If you feel sporty and wish to keep your feminine vibe, opt for a floral print baseball cap to switch your looks.

  1. Floral Headband

floral head band with tank top

If you feel floral headbands just give you a retro look, then be creative picking your colors to make it look more modern, but feminine. Stick to classic shades of red, burgundy, mustard, marsala, plum and such for a feminine vibe, while brighter shades of green, yellow, and hot pink give off some girly vibe. A simple outfit of tank top and denim shorts can easily be spiced up by a floral headband even without wearing any statement accessories.

  1. Floral Print Scarf

floral print scarf with chic outfit floral print scarf with pink pants and sleek blazer floral scarf with casual chic outfit

If you’re not comfortable wearing dangling earrings and chunky necklaces, a floral print scarf may be great for your style. To look more coordinated and artistic, pick the color of your scarf to match with your ensembles whether it’s a blouse, dress, skirt, shorts, or pants. Though wearing print on print may be trendy and stylish, letting your floral print stand alone looks much more feminine and polished.

  1. Floral Print Bag

floral clutch with brightly colored dress floral clutch with casual chic outfit floral pink bag with blue dress and pink heels floral print bag with pastel dress

Floral print bag can be great for adding some dimension to your looks without looking overdone. Pick a feminine shade that works best for you like pink, purple, or red that looks gentle and pretty. Printed dress with pastel shades will look great with a floral print bag as long as the prints don’t clash too loud on your outfit.

  1. Floral Print Shoes or Boots

printed pumps with floral pants and tee floral print shoes with casual outfit floral print pumps with casual jacket and yellow dress floral print heels with chic top and skinny jeans floral print boots with neutral colored outfit floral print boots with casual chic outfit floral print ankle strap sandals with white dress

If you think floral prints are just limited to bags, shirts, and skirts, you’re wrong as you can now grab a pair of classic pumps or boots in floral prints. Wearing floral print footwear is a stylish way of making a statement while still looking feminine and flirty on your looks. Floral pumps look best when worn with denim jeans and other casual outfits as they balance the casual feel of the denim fabric. For short dresses and skirts, opt for a pair of floral print boots to add some feminine touch to your looks.

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