6 Clothing Styles to Wear When it’s Hot

Summer is almost at an end but nobody can deny that it gets hot and humid sometimes. Before you transition to fall clothing, you first need to know the best clothing styles to wear when it’s hot.


When summer clothing styles come to mind, cotton outfits usually dominate the list. After all, it’s widely available – especially during the hot seasons. From tops to bottoms – to dresses even – cotton proves to be summer’s top fabric. So if you want to wear an outfit that is as comfy as it cool, then make sure to choose cute cotton attires.

cotton outfit

cotton dress


When it comes to summer-worthy clothing styles, linen takes the top spot. Made from vegetable fiber, this fabric is super breathable – meaning it absorbs sweat and releases it right away. What’s great about linen is that it has a wrinkly quality – so it’s perfect for days when you want to create a look that’s casual and laidback.

linen attire linen skirt


Silk is a luxe fabric that you should consider for more elegant clothing styles for summer. Obtained from the Mulberry silkworm, silk has been utilized in many countries since time immemorial. Like most summer-friendly clothing styles, silk is perfect for summer due to the fact that it’s highly absorbable. Because of its attractive luster, silk proves to be one of the best choices for sophisticated summer wears.

silk pants silk dress


If you love denim, then you know that it is one of the clothing styles to avoid when it’s hot. So if you want to achieve the same look without sweating buckets, then go for chambray. Be it a chambray top or dress, this clothing style can keep you cool – while you look cool.

chambray top chambray shorts


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber used for summer clothing styles. Although this is the case, rayon can be as comfy as other natural fibers. So what makes it the perfect summer wear? For one, Rayon does not insulate heat, which makes it ideal for your trendy summer outfits. It’s highly absorbent too, so you don’t have to worry about sweat patches showing up!

rayon outfit rayon dress


Named after Georgette de la Plante, georgette is a beautiful fabric used for many summer clothing styles. It possesses a crinkly surface, such so that it is utilized in ‘more formal’ attires. Usually sheer and lightweight, georgette clothes allow you to wear the sheer trend – without showing too much skin. Although it has a dull finish, georgette clothing styles will never make you look dull, that’s for sure!

georgette outfit georgette dress

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