6 Clothing Hacks to Save More Money

You might be a savvy shopper, but there are always a lot of reasons you may need to buy new clothes. A great thing, you can save money on clothes by changing up your habits just a bit. Since overspending on frivolous clothing purchases is easy to do, keep on reading for our 6 clothing hacks to save more money.

  1. Organize your closet.



Most of the women only wear a fraction of the clothes they own, and a big part of that is a sort of out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality. Remember, out of sight, out of mind so, go through your closet and get rid of things you don’t or won’t wear anymore. When your clothes are all shoved into deep drawers or on top of high shelves, it’s hard to even remember what you own, let alone wear it. On the other hand, if your clothes are visible and accessible, you’ll likely find you actually have plenty of clothes to get by for a while.

  1. Use the sale rule.

striped-navy-jumpsuit graphic-sweater-with-sneakers

Unless you’re looking for a specific item, stick to the sale racks when you’re shopping. You’ll get a better bargain on everything, but you’ll also find yourself with fewer options and, thus, fewer frivolous impulse purchases. However, before buying a sale item, think first if you’re going to buy it when it’s full-priced. If not, then it’s not a real bargain.

  1. Leave the tags on.

music-festival-outfit pink-sweater-dress-with-clutch

Before buying an item, make sure you actually love it and will wear it often. How many times have you purchased something that you absolutely had to have after trying it on at the store, only to find that it isn’t quite as spectacular in the harsh light of your bedroom? To avoid letting your wardrobe staples just sit in your closet for years, every time you buy something leave the tags on until the first time you wear it. This way, you’ll have a hint which pieces to wear on that day.

  1. Follow the maintenance rules.

houndstooth-dress-with-leather-vest-and-pants breezy-shift-mesh-dress

Though buying quality over quantity is important to ensure your clothes last awhile, you still need to take care of them properly. Real leather, cashmere, fur and such are some of the items that need special care. So, always check the care suggestions before sticking your clothes in the washer, and make sure you follow them as closely as possible.

  1. Be your own tailor.

classy-chic-keyhole-jumpsuit off-shoulder-jumpsuit

There are a lot of ways to update or tailor clothes to make them fit you. No matter how uncomfortable you are tailoring your own clothes, finding a professional tailor to take care of it is still less expensive than buying anything brand new. However, learning some mending can also help you keep your clothes longer and save money on new purchases.

  1. Shop at high-end consignments.

leather-top-with-printed-skirt fringed-black-outfit

Consignment and thrift stores are pretty hit-or-miss for the most part, but they’re definitely a good option when you’re looking to save money. These shops typically only take items made by designers of a certain caliber so you’ll be able to get some fancy stuff. By heeding these clothing hacks, you’ll be able to save more money and still look stylish.

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