6 Clever Ways to Hide A Muffin Top

Halloween usually marks the beginning of party season and from then until January, the parties (and the eating) doesn’t stop. We all gain an extra pound or two during the holiday season but that doesn’t mean we should give up looking chic and stylish to accommodate the extra few inches around our waist. Here are 6 clever ways to hide a muffin top that you can use to get you through the holidays in style.


  1. Wear oversized tops but keep everything else fitted – wearing oversized tops is one of the best ways to hide a muffin top. However, this is a risky move as it tends to make you look shapeless. To counter the shapelessness, keep everything else fitted. Opt for leggings or skinny cut pants instead of bell bottomed ones and try to avoid layering so as not to have too much going on.oversized boho top and jeans
    oversized shirt to hide a muffin top
  2. Make sure your pants are the right size – another really good way to avoid your muffin top from showing is to make sure your pants are the right size. Squeezing too much into your pants can result in a muffin top.  A good way to see if your pants won’t give you these rolls when you wear them is to get into all kinds of position while trying them out. Try sitting in them and bending forward and sidewards to see how it wears. basic outfit with bf jeans and white shirt well fitted jeans outfit
  3. Choose one-piece outfits – instead of wearing separate pieces, try wearing one-piece outfits like dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers to avoid cutting the silhouette in half and also to avoid having to cinch your waist. If you’re wearing a dress, try to choose an empire cut style or a wrap dress as these styles help minimize the bulge well. white and blue gingham dress white dress and tropical weave bag
  4. Invest in high-quality shapewear – investing in high quality shapewear is not just a good way to hide muffin tops but also an amazing way to show off your curves. When you have high quality shapewear underneath, your clothes will look better on you.light sienna lacey dress outfit blake livelysexy silk satin skirt outfit
  5. Try high-waisted bottoms – high-waisted bottoms don’t entirely get rid of muffin tops but they do a good job in concealing them and making them look invisible. This is because high-waisted bottoms cinch your waist at a higher level.high waisted pants outfit high waisted striped skirt with belt
  6. Layer up with outerwear – the last tip I have for hiding muffin tops is to hide it underneath chic layers. Winter is a good time to utilize this trick since you’ll be wearing your outerwears anyway so it’ll be easy to get away with even the thickest coat or jacket. red leather outerwear gray outerwear winter outfit

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