6 Chic Ways to Wear Camouflage

Camouflage isn’t exactly a very girly print. It’s what soldiers and men (okay, and some women) in the military wear. Or, at least, that’s what the print is known for. Just because this print has a strong boyish vibe, though, doesn’t mean you can’t have it added to your chic and girly wardrobe. The camo print is great for adding a bit of that bad-add spunky vibe to your look. It’s perfect if you want to toughen up your sweet, saccharine fashion style just a little bit. Here are some chic ways to wear camouflage. I’m pretty sure you can use these ideas this fall.

  • Camouflage and bright accents – camouflage often comes in dark and earthy colors like green and brown so you tend to pair it with other neutrals as well which, let’s be honest here, can sometimes turn out into a boring outfit. Liven up your look by adding a pop of bright color to your outfit. It could be your shoes, the shirt you’d wear a camo jacket or camo pants with or even just a bright scarf. Doing this will make your look less boring and dull.

camo outfit and red accents

camo with neutrals and bright shoes red sweater and camo pants pink shirt and camo pants

  • Casual camo chic – if you’re looking for a way to make camouflage look more, well, civilian and less military, one really easy way to make a casual (and chic) outfit with it is to pair it up with denim. We all know anything worn with denim gets an instant casual vibe so why not do it to camo, right?

casual camo look with jean jacket bright yellow purse casual chic camo outfit shorts denim jacket and camo shirt

  • All out army look – want to get a look that’s far from your usual sweet and girly style but also want something that’s equally chic? Why not try going all out on the army look for size? Wear your camo with other pieces in the same dominant color. If you have a piece in green camo, look for olive green / army green pieces to wear with it.

army chic outfit chic army look full on army chic rebel chic

  • Neutrals and camouflage – now, if you want to play it safe and you’re looking for a foolproof way to create a chic outfit with camo print pieces, simply pair your camouflage printed pieces with neutral colored pieces. This combination will give you a simple yet posh and chic look that’s perfect for fall.

bad ass chic camo and neutral colors outfit black camo outfit netural and camo outfit

  • Accessorize with camo – if you’re not too confident about straying away from your usual style but would still like to have a bit of camo in your outfit, you can accessorize with it instead of wearing it full on. Pull off an Olivia Palermo and wear camouflage printed shoes with a really cute and girly street style outfit, wear a camouflage scarf around your neck or simply carry a camouflage purse. You can choose to wear camo as subtly or as boldly as you want.

green camo scarf neon camo loafers olivia palermo camo heels

  • Mix and match with other prints – the print on print trend is still on full force and this fall, we have one more print design to mix and match with all the other prints we’ve been wearing: camouflage! Camo and stripes is perhaps one of the safest combos to go for but if you want to get a little bolder, you ca wear it with animal print or even floral print as well!

camo vest with striped shirt leopard print sequin and camo outfit floral dress camo jacket camo and animal print print on print camo and stripes

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