6 Chic Ways to Accessorize Your Prints

The beauty of prints is that they usually don’t need a lot of accessorizing to make a statement. However, with stylish accessorizing, you can make your outfit look even more polished and fashionable. If your closet is filled with prints and you don’t know what accessories to wear with them, keep on reading for our 6 chic ways to accessorize your prints.

  1. Treat neutral prints like a solid color.

checkered outfit with neon yellow clutch

cobalt blue bag and belt with leopard print pants emerald necklace with leopard print pants and chic top printed pants with yellow clutch

When you are wearing bold prints in the neutral shades of black, brown, and gray, then your prints are considered neutral that can be treated like solids instead of prints. This means you can add any accessory colors that you want. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a matching cobalt blue belt and bag to jazz up your white top and black-and-white leopard print pants. You don’t have to match the colors of your accessories every time, especially if it’s a bright color, as a yellow clutch can give enough pop to your classic outfit in neutral prints.

  1. Accessorize with the colors found in the prints.

blue bag with printed outfit burgundy bag with floral top and pants blue clutch with red pumps and printed coat green sandals with printed outfit and bib necklace orange clutch with floral print skirt red pumps with printed dress and leopard print bag

If the print you are wearing has two colors or multiple ones, take one of the colors found in the print and accessorize with just that color. For instance, if you’re wearing a pair of floral print pants in the shades of burgundy, pink, red, and black, you may think of a burgundy back that will go well with your prints. For multicolored prints, use the colors found in prints like a road map for accessorizing. You may wear different colors on your shoes and bag as long as their shades can be found on your printed outfit. This way, your prints and matching color will create a coordinating and cohesive look.

  1. Wear matching bag and shoes with your printed outfit.

black pumps with striped top and skinny pants white pumps with casual chic outfit mustard bag and shoes with checkered coat and quirky dress gingham outfit with mustard bag and shoes

However, you don’t always need to match the color of our prints to create a cohesive look. Wearing a matching shade on your bag and shoes, even it can’t be found on your prints, can still look sleek and polished. Just make sure to make your outfit look intentional by opting for the eye-catching shades of mustard, yellow, green, red, cobalt blue, as well as the neutral shades of black, white, and brown that looks classic and elegant.

  1. Go for printed accessories that resemble your prints on your outfit.

abstract print dress with striped sandals printed pumps with printed turtleneck top and pink coat geometric print shoes with printed dress floral shirt dress with floral print bag

Mixing prints in your outfit may seem daunting, so partake onto the growing trend by wearing your printed outfit with printed accessories. Just remember the basic rules of print mixing for where you must wear similar prints in dissimilar color and the same color for dissimilar prints. This way, you’ll end up looking chic, polished, and trendy.

  1. Go for accessories that complement the theme of your prints.

pearl necklace with printed outfit and block heels native tote bag with printed skirt gladiator-sandals-with-herringbone-print-dress abstract print jumpsuit with yin yang clutch

If you’re not a fan of printed accessories, then go for accessories that express the theme, ambiance, and mood of your prints. Like Kristina Bazan, wearing a pair of gladiator sandals with a herringbone print dress will create harmony on your outfit. You may also think of a structured bag to wear with your geometric print skirt or a yin-yang clutch to flatter your abstract-print jumpsuit. This way, you’ll look more creative and fashion-forward without being too much coordinated on your street looks.

  1. Make your prints stand out with neutral-colored or metallic accessories.

snakesprint blouse with white pants metallic-silver-pumps-with-printed-dress metallic green dress with strappy sandals metallic gold choker with geometric print dress

Lastly, the simplest way to accessorize prints is to go with neutral-colored or even metallic accessories. Prints and patterns are a statement itself so you don’t have to look for statement accessories to wear with them. However, gold or silver is considered as neutral so you can add a pair of silver pumps, gold jewelry, or even metallic belt. You may also consider a long gold or silver necklace that will work with everything. Having metallic accessories on hand will go with any prints you are wearing, and you can also wear them to jazz up your solid pieces.

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