6 Celebrity Braided Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Braided hairdos are fun, fresh ways to wear your hair this summer. Whether you’re headed to the pool – or to a formal gala event – make sure to take inspiration from these sexy celebrity braided hairstyles.

Messy Side Braid

Celebrity braided hairstyles are not all pomade and spray net. There are hairdos that are more laidback, and undeniably perfect for casual dates and what nots. If you don’t have much time to fix yourself up, worry not as you can achieve a great look with a messy side braid. Follow the footsteps of the celebrity below, and gather your hair to your dominant hand side. Braid your locks – carelessly if you wish – for a messy side braid that’s perfect for all occasions.

side braid

Front Braid

Most braids are often concealed. But if you want to stand out above the rest, then demonstrate your beauty in a front braid. Take a small sector of your hair and braid it in such a way that it looks like a headband. This is one of the celebrity braided hairstyles that you need to consider if you want to frame and accentuate your face beautifully.

front braid front braid hair

Peek a Boo Braid

Do you want celebrity braided hairstyles that are not all over the place? Then take inspiration from Cara Delevingne and go for a peek a boo braid. You can originate from whatever section of your head and go to whatever direction you wish.

peekaboo braid peekaboo braids

Small Side Braid

Similar to the peek a boo braid is a small side braid. For these celebrity braided hairstyles, all you need to do is part your hair and braid one portion. This is a very punky look, one you can take to rock concerts and what not.

small side braids small side braid

Half Up Mermaid Braid

Celebrity braided hairstyles come in a wide array of styles and inspirations. The mermaid braid is one of the most popular styles, but if you don’t want a hairdo that’s similar to most, then go for a half up mermaid braid. Channeled by Margot Robbie of the Suicide Squad fame, a half up mermaid braid is something that’s ideal for a date or a wedding by the beach.

half up mermaid braid

Multiple Braids

Summer can be so hot so you might be thinking of celebrity braided hairstyles that won’t let your hair down – literally. In this case, Zendaya’s multiple braids is what you need to channel this season. While it might be harsh on the scalp, this hairstyle is what you need to achieve if you’re planning on performing some intense physical activities this summer.

multiple braids multiple braided hairstyle

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