6 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Are you thinking of changing your hair hue to blonde? If you’re confused as to what shade to pick, then let these blonde hair color ideas enlighten you.

Platinum Blonde

If you are game for blonde hair color ideas that require a lot of your time and energy, then try the platinum blonde hue. While it will definitely get other people’s attention, platinum blonde can be damaging to your hair. As such, this hue should be worn with a short haircut (think Michelle Williams’ or Miley Cyrus’ short shags.) Best for women with pink skin tones, this color is a statement by itself. You’re not gonna need much makeup with platinum on your hair.

platinum blonde

platinum blonde hair

Buttery Blonde

This all-American hue – embodied by the very “American” Reese Witherspoon – is defined by a creamy blonde surrounded by bright blonde highlights. As one of the most popular blonde hair color ideas, this shade looks best with blushing pink cheeks.

buttery blonde hair buttery blonde

Golden Blonde

If light blonde hair color ideas are too time-consuming for you, then go for darker shades, such as golden blonde. Beautified by pale highlights, the golden blonde hue is best if you want to achieve a more youthful look. With its’ beachy vibe, golden blonde hair is something you can enjoy this spring – up until the forthcoming summer!

golden blonde hair golden blonde

Classic Blonde

If you want to get that “Old Hollywood Glamour” look, then classic blonde hair color ideas are more up your alley. This shade – which is a beautiful mix of bright and sandy blondes – is the ‘most natural’ of all the hues. Because of its ashen nature, classic blonde hair color ideas are best for women with tan or dark skin complexions.

classic blonde hair classic blonde

Modern Icon Blonde

If you prefer the modern Hollywood star look, then you are better off with modern icon blonde hair color ideas. This shade – which is best exemplified by actress Charlize Theron – is a warmer blonde color with vibrant undertones. Should you choose this hue, you will be glad to know that it can add glow to your skin tone.

modern blonde hair modern blonde

Posh Blonde

Want blonde hair color ideas that can make you look like a sophisticated socialite? Then go for “Posh Blonde,” a light shade embodied by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. This hue is almost near platinum, and as such, requires a lot of time for maintenance and what not. To make the most out of this hair color, ask your stylist to add babylights in order to create a non-washed-out look.

posh blonde posh blonde hair

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