6 Black Dresses that are Anything but Basic to Add to Your Wardrobe Now

The little black dress is undeniably one of the most important must haves in any girl’s closet and while a simple, streamlined LBD makes for a great go-to outfit for impromptu events, doing the same look and wearing the same thing over and over again eventually gets old and you will eventually want to get unstuck from the rut that is your LBD dilemma. Here are 7 black dresses that are anything but basic to add to your wardrobe now.

  • CAPE DRESS – remember Solange’s gorgeous white caped dress she wore during her wedding? Well imagine that with a more streamlined silhouette and you got yourself the perfect LBD to wear on nights (or days) when you want to go for a more dramatic look.

cape dress

cape dress outfit

  • SEQUINED DRESS – black, though versatile, can be a pretty boring color. This is especially when you have a very plain and simple design and silhouette on your dress. To spice up your look and give it a nice party vibe, why not go all out with sequins and other bling? A sequined LBD is the perfect go-to party night outfit.

sequin black dress sequined mini dress

  • WRAP DRESS – we all know that a wrap dress is universally flattering so if you don’t already have one in black, I suggest you get your hands on one (or more!) the soonest! A black wrap dress can be an easy daytime piece all on its own with either flats or heels but you can turn it into a nighttime ensemble as well with the addition of a few accessories.

wrap dress in black wrap dress

  • LEATHER DRESS – give the trusty ol’ LBD a sexy new twist by wearing it in leather. Leather never fails to give any outfit a sleek, sexy and luxe vibe. Make sure to choose a dress made from good quality leather (go for genuine, if you can). You wouldn’t want to be sporting a leather dress with some areas chipping, now, would you?

GWYNETH PALTROW in Black Leather Dress leather dress jlaw

  • CUTOUT DRESS – whether you’re looking for a less boring alternative to your old LBD or you’re just looking for something you can wear to achieve a sexier look, an LBD with cutout design and details is sure to get the job done for you. When done right, you can get a red carpet ready look wearing a cutout dress.

cut out maxi dress cut out black dress elegant

  • OFF SHOULDER DRESS – another way to give the LBD a sexier update is to wear it off the shoulder. This style will give you a look that’s both sexy and sweet, perfect for either daytime or nighttime looks. An off shoulder black dress is the perfect option for those who want somethingoff shoulder black dress off shoulder dress that’s not too sexy but neither too plain.


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