6 Best Swimsuits to Hide Thighs

Do you have thick thighs? These shouldn’t dampen your spirits this summer as you can conceal them effectively whilst on the beach. Be the confident lady that you are with the best swimsuits to hide thighs.

One-Shoulder Bikini Top

One that draws the eye upward: this is one of the hallmarks of the best swimsuits to hide thighs. With that being said, when you go swimwear shopping, make sure to choose a two-piece set with a one-shoulder bikini top. The more ornate or elaborate the design of the top, the better. This will help draw the eyes towards your top – instead of your thick thighs.

one shoulder bikini

one shoulder bikini top

High Neck Bikini Top

The best swimsuits to hide thighs should come with a fascinating top and a minimalist bottom. As such, one of the options that would work on your favor is the high neck bikini top. The silhouette will draw attention to your torso, thereby creating the illusion of thinner thighs.

high neck top high neck bikini

Tie Bikini Bottom

Thighs appear to be larger in most cases because of the restrictive nature of most bikini bottoms. Avoid pulling undue attention towards your thighs by wearing the aforementioned bikini tops with a tie bikini bottom. Since you are in charge of securing the straps, you don’t have to worry about the bottom impinging on your thighs.

tie bikini tie bottom

High-Waist Bikini Bottom

Even if you have modestly-sized thighs, they can appear larger because of the wrong bikini bottom. So if you are looking for the best swimsuits to hide thighs, then make sure to select dark-colored, high-waist bikini bottoms. Not only will this suck your thighs and butt in, the dark color will make these areas look smaller as well.

high waist bikini high waist bottom

Deep-V Monokini

As it has been said, the best swimsuits to hide thighs are the ones that can draw attention to somewhere else. With that principle in mind, another swimsuit that you need to consider is a deep-V monokini. In this case, the deeper the opening, the better it is for you. You want people to marvel at your goodies so they can forget about your thighs.

deep v monokini deep v swimsuit

Minimalist Monokini

When it comes to the best swimsuits to hide thighs, there is one thing you need to remember: sometimes, simple is best. If you don’t have the confidence to wear the aforementioned swimsuits above, then your top choice should be a minimalist monokini. Just make sure to choose a style with playful designs or ornate embellishments at the top so as to draw the eyes towards there, and not to your voluptuous thighs.

black monokini minimalist monokini

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