6 Best Kept Secrets of Best-Dressed Women

Looking best dressed whether you’re heading to a party, office, or dinner date doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you spend hours standing in front of your closet without a thing to wear, going shopping for fast fashion pieces won’t be the solution. Keep in mind that you’ll find yourself getting ten times more use out of staple, investment pieces than cheaply made bargain finds. To build a wardrobe that’s forever in fashion and be the best-dressed woman, learn the 6 secrets from fashion insiders.

  1. Start with a couple essentials and build from there.

boho chic outfit with hat

camel coat with black turtleneck dress and designer clutch

According to Amy Smilovic, designer of the celebrity favorite fashion line Tibi, she selects six closet essentials and builds her wardrobe around them. “Everything I purchase should work with those items. It’s the failsafe way to make sure that everything in your closet can be layered in some form.” Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may also start from a basic button-down shirt and black pants, then style them with a bohemian blazer, tassel belt, and a lace choker. When you select that edited collection of basics, you have a great foundation from which to build.

  1. Dress and shop for your body type and lifestyle.

classy gray suit with metallic silver pumps grunge black outfit

Cut and fit is crucial when building a wardrobe of great basics. According to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, women don’t often buy what’s best for their bodies as they buy what’s best on the model. So, go through your closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you properly. “Never buy shoes you love that don’t fit. Just because you love them, you’ll never wear them,” says Zoe. Also, lifestyle is an important factor when making wardrobe choices as most women actively balance multiple roles. “Make sure each purchase you make can be worn from the workplace to a dinner with friends,” says Ivanka Trump, president of a jewelry line. “The more mileage you can get out of something, the better the investment,” she added.

  1. Skip the impulse purchase.

classic coat with neon yellow skirt romantic outfit with pastel pink coat

Supermodel Beverly Johnson, who was the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Vogue in 1974, says that limiting the number of times a year she actually goes shopping helps her make better purchasing decisions. “For me shopping is not about quantity,” says Johnson. Bring a shopping list with you and having an inventory of your closet will help to avoid impulse shopping.

  1. Say no to “It” bags and fads.

classic black bag with breezy jumpsuit and fur trimmed blazer designer bag with trendy outfit

Zoe advises splurging on a few standout items that have a timeless appeal. “Definitely invest in a designer bag, but not the ‘it’ bag of the season,” she says. You may also go for unique, one-of-a-kind quality to add some personality to your style, or go for classic shades and styles on your clothes and accessories.

  1. Accessories make the outfit.

lace dress with colorful pumps with cross baroque inspired necklace silver chain necklace and bracelet

A statement necklace can completely transform that basic black dress, and take you from day to evening. Trump favors simple diamond hoops, which she throws on for a low-key dinner or to wear to a high-powered business meeting. If you wish to add some glamor to a lace dress, resort to a statement necklace like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. That way, you’ll give some drama without the fuss on your outfit.

  1. When you love something, go for it.

silk midi skirt with black top graphic print floral dress

Though you have to ship fads and trends, don’t be afraid to indulge in a few items you’ll love forever. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may resort to a floral print dress that will make your style feminine instantly regardless how non-versatile the ensemble is. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be one of the best-dressed women in no time.

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