6 Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas for your Workout Sessions

Do you love working out? If you have long hair, then you are very much familiar with the hassle of having your tresses all over your face while you’re in the middle of an intense session. If you’ve grown tired of the usual exercise hairstyles, then go expand your style horizons with these beautiful hairstyle ideas for your workout sessions.

Double Braid – Mermaid Tail

Braids prove to be beautiful hairstyle ideas for your gym sessions. But if you’re tired of the usual styles, then go for the hairstyle below – a double braid that conjoins to form a mermaid tail at the end.

double braid mermaid tail

double braid with mermaid tail

Crown Braid – Chignon

Do you have baby hairs or bangs that get in the way of your intense exercise sessions? You need not worry about these strands anymore as you can keep them in place with a crown braid – chignon hairstyle. Not only is it perfect for the gym, these beautiful hairstyle ideas can be taken to a post-workout session date as well.

crown braid chignon crown braid with chignon

Back Braid – Chignon

Most braids are situated at the front, so why not try the back instead? The back braid – chignon hairstyle below is an ingenious way to make use of the free space at the base of your head. Again, to keep your hair in place, secure your back braid in a cute chignon.

back braid chignon back braid

Multiple Braids

There is a saying that goes “the more, the merrier.” When it comes to beautiful hairstyle ideas, this adage is applicable as well. Instead of the usual single or double braids, why not create as many braids as you can? If cornrow levels are too much for you, know that anywhere from three to five braids compounded in a ponytail will do you good too.

multiple braids multiple braid

Double Chignon

Is the usual chignon too boring for you? Then go for a double chignon, which is two times the fun! This is one of the easiest yet beautiful hairstyle ideas that you’ll enjoy for the gym sessions to come. As the name suggests, all you need to do is create pigtails and secure these pigtails into cute chignons.

double chignon double chignon hair

Triple Chignon

As it has been said, with beautiful hairstyle ideas, the saying “the more, the merrier” is applicable. With that being said, you need to try out a triple chignon as well. Part your hair into three sections and secure each and every one of them in a chignon. Use cute ponytail holders or ribbons for an ultra-feminine style.

triple chignon triple chignon hair

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