6 Bad Shopping Habits You Need to Stop Today

When it comes to clothes, there was a time when you find great deals on the clearance rack. However, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Your mindset maybe all about a good discount, but you don’t even love the item yet the thought of not buying it because it was ‘like 50% off’ was awful. As a result, you ended up with a closet full of clothes that you hardly wore. To avoid this from happening over and over again, keep on reading for the bad shopping habits you need to stop today.

  1. You hit the mall with no idea of what to buy, and check the clearance rack in every store.



Not knowing what you want is a sign that you do not know what your closet needs, which would put you at risk of getting pieces that you don’t actually need. If you head straight for the clearance rack just to make your savings high, you’ll likely pick an item that’s just okay for you to try on. However, if you’re picking an okay item from the rack, chances are you are probably skipping out on items you might actually love just because they are full price and picking items you probably don’t love because they will look just fine.

  1. If you are an online shopper, you sort price “low to high” when you land on a website.

casual-outfit-with-plaid-shirt-tied-on-waist graphic-print-blouse-with-high-waist-shorts

Remember, the shopper’s mission must sort items with the right fit and perfect look, then, review their price options from there. On the other hand, a clearance junkie makes a beeline for items that cost the least and try to score the best deal.

  1. You have items of different sizes because you saved money on them.

bandeau-top-with-jogger-pants-and-heavy-coat feminine-skirt-with-button-down-shirt-and-classic-pumps

Though not all bodies are made in the size that most items come in, if you’re wardrobe has sizes that are obviously not your size and you just work with it, you won’t get a great look. If you force yourself to buy a $5 sweater bigger than your size, when you took a picture in it when you’re out to dinner with friends, you’ll only realize that it was not worth it. So only go for ones that fit you perfectly.

  1. You have multiple versions of the same item that you all bought on clearance.

striped-crop-top-with-shawl-and-skinny-jeans halter-tank-top-with-jeans-and-blazer

If you spotted a pretty cheap item, it’s just as easy to stockpile, especially if it’s a basic piece that you can wear in different ways. However, stockpiling items just because of clearance value is not healthy and a waste of money. Once again, you make a decision not based on fit, or look, or even fabric but on price. Price must not be the ultimate deciding factor when you are looking at the item because, even if it looks awkward on you, then it’s not a great deal. That will only make your wardrobe get through an identity crisis.

  1. Your shopping mindset is ‘bang for your buck’ and not ‘what do I need?’

halter-tank-top-with-jacket-tied-on-waist-and-peep-toe-boots pastel-pink-sweater-with-neoprene-skirt

Saving money is great and buying items that are not too pricey allow you to save. However, you might find that some of the pieces you bought will just sit unworn for a long time because it doesn’t quite feel right. This will also lead to a wardrobe severely lacking in one area. Remember, if you are more aware of your closet, you’ll buy items that you actually need.

  1. You have a surprising amount of clothes that still has tags on.

lace-cami-with-vest-and-skinny-jeans sailor-blazer-with-sporty-chic-outfit

If you buy staples without having a need or even knowing what it could be used for, you’ll hardly wear them. If you buy a sexy fitting dress that you still haven’t worn months later because you are waiting for the right occasion and the right time to look slim in them that never comes. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to stop your bad shopping habits and save more money while staying true to your personal style.

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