5 Working Girl Must-Haves

Congratulations are in order now that you have landed your dream job. But before you get too happy, take a good hard look at your closet. Do you have the pieces that you need for the office? Maybe it’s time to revamp your entire look – at least for the meantime – with these working girl must-haves.

Classic Blazer

Every girl should have a classic blazer in her barrage of working girl must-haves. And no, that 3/4 sleeve blazer that you bought at the mall when you were 18 doesn’t count. It has to be a good, structured one – a piece that can make you chic and professional in simultaneous fashion. Go for a piece that looks good with virtually anything – be it boring black trousers, a printed A-line skirt or your favorite jeans.
black jeans

blue blazer white blazer

Little Black Dress

More than just one of the best working girl must-haves, a little black dress can help you transform gracefully from day to night. While you might think of buying the unique one with cut-outs, stop yourself from doing so and stick with structured, respectable LBDs. Although they might be too boring for you, you can always hike your style up a notch with accessories and embellishments here and there.

lbd outfit LBD structured lbd

Stretch Jeans

Yes, tattered jeans are all the rage nowadays – but no one will take you seriously if you wear that during casual Fridays. If you venerate jeans, then one of your working girl must-haves is a pair of good stretch jeans (and no, not the one with rips.) Get one in a uniform wash – something that makes you look respectful whilst maintaining your youth all at the same time.

black blazerskinny jeans grey stretch jeans

Structured Tote

No, your college backpack doesn’t quite cut it – especially now that you’re working. Even if it’s not you, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a good structured tote. As one of the essential working girl must-haves, a structured tote can handle everything you need in exquisite style. Remember, you need not shell out a month’s worth of salary on a structured tote (although you can) as there are affordable high-quality totes out there.

brown structured tote gray structured tote black structured tote

Pointy-Toe Flats

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean that you have to be wearing heels all day. For days when you have to be on-the-go, what you need is a pair of pointy-toe flats, one of the best working girl must-haves. So why pointy toes? Apart from elongating the leg line, they can make you look sleek and sexy. Ditch your ballet flats – at least for work – and invest in a good pair of pointy-toe flats for the time being.

red flats pointy toe flats brown flats

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