5 Work Shoes for Women that You Can Wear Throughout the Year

Work shoes for women can be boring at times, but it’s not necessarily the case. There are some that are very fashionable, ones that you can even wear whatever the season might be. So if you’re looking for footwear that can withstand the test of time, then make sure invest in these year-round work shoes for women.

Block-Heel Shoes/Sandals

Want to boost your height (or your hiney) without suffering from the tortures of pencil-thin stiletto heels? Then go for block-heel shoes or sandals. These comfy yet fashionable work shoes for women are things you can sashay in the summer – well up until spring. Available in a variety of styles and colors, block heel footwear is something you can wear to casual day-outs as well.

gold block heel shoes

block heel sandals

Suede Pumps

Pumps are go-to work shoes for women. But if these are too plain for you, you can always go the other way and opt for stylish suede pumps. Suede adds dimension to your otherwise simple office outfit, especially if you’re required to wear a boring suit combo every day. If you are truly adventurous, you can always go for embellished suede pumps.

black suede pumps block heel shoes


If you’re the office girl who lives to break fashion rules, then mules are the work shoes for women that’s best for you. Mules generally have open backs, and these are usually prohibited in most office scenarios. However, you can always wear it whenever the boss is not around! Available in a variety of heel heights, mules are great for casual work days when you just wanna wing it!

brown mules black mules


If you’re not the usual girly-girl who enjoys wearing high heel shoes, then loafers is one of the ideal work shoes for women that you ought to wear. Stylish enough for any season, loafers can help improve your look in a flick of a finger. And since loafers are extremely comfy, these are recommended for women who need to walk a lot for work.

black loafers beige loafers

T-Strap Shoes

If you love strappy shoes, then you will never go wrong with t-strap work shoes for women. Whether you’re a flats girl or a heels lady, t-strap shoes can cater to your every need. This kind of footwear is very flexible, as you can wear it from work to play. So if you are tired of the usual work shoes for women, remember that t-strap footwear can go save the day!

t-strap shoes t-strap footwear

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