5 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Clothes (and How to Deal with Them)

Whether you’re a woman who’s fond of keeping up with trends or simply wish to channel your individuality through your clothes, filling our wardrobes can be a big chunk of our spending. Investing in timeless pieces may be smart, but it can be a big drain on your budget if you’re just wasting money on clothes. It’s time to stop filling your closet with clutter, buying clothes you’ll never wear, and replace what you do have with functional pieces that flatter. So, make a reality check with so you won’t waste money on your clothes.

Clothing Mistake #1: Not buying quality items.

fall outfit with boots

leather skirt with sporty top gray outfit with grunge choker

If your dress only lasted three to four washes, before the bottoms stretched out and seams started to rip, it means you’ve wasted money on your clothes. Stop wasting money on clothes that were right in price, but not in quality. This is especially true with leather ensembles that need maintenance, as well as soft and light fabrics that need extra care. It doesn’t mean you have to ditch the price point entirely, but don’t shy away from a $50 piece when you know the material is thick and the stitching is sturdy. Besides, as long the clothing is a good quality you’ll be wearing it for years, and that’s worth the extra cash.

Clothing Mistake #2: Buying trendy pieces.

festival outfit with fringed boots patchwork jeans with green leather jacket polka dots matching set with leather jacket

Clothes don’t just serve a matter of function as they’re a statement of individual style. However, trends come and go, and aligning your wardrobe with what’s popular, pretty soon, you’ll discover that your hardly worn clothing is completely out of date. You may opt for a pair of patchwork jeans if you really like them to make your weekend style trendy, but keep in mind that the distressed features of your trousers will soon look outdated. So, instead of buying trendy pieces, focus on classic styles that can go well with anything.

Clothing Mistake #3: Buying what you like, but don’t love.

hippie outfit with bandana scarf pinstripe blazer with shorts vintage top with cuffed jeans

Have you ever find yourself saying you have anything to wear, even though your closet is packed full of clothes? This wardrobe dilemma has nothing to do with the amount of clothing you have as it has something to do with your mindset when you bought each piece. Many times we use the excuse of buying less expensive clothes, but you’ll soon find out that they’ll hang in your closet until you finally decide you’re not going to wear them. Remember, when you buy clothes you “like”, but don’t love, you’ll never wear that item of clothing long term. So, better splurge on a piece that makes you feel confident and great, rather than buy six more that you’ll never wear.

Clothing Mistake #4: Buying outside your typical color scheme.

band coat with cuffed jeans and purple leather gloves skinny jeans with colorful shoes and hot pink sweater palm print retro dress

You probably already know what colors look good on you and what don’t, but if you try to round out your wardrobe with different hues than you would normally pick, you’ll be more frustrated because you don’t have the guts to wear them. On the other hand, if you stick to the colors that you know look great on you, you’ll expand your creativity without buying new stuff.

Clothing Mistake #5: Ignoring easy savings.

vintage top with ripped jeans tweed top with ripped jeans denim on denim outfit with vintage coat

Sale and discounts on fashion pieces can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean you’ll ignore opportunities that will give you easy savings. However, don’t be tempted to buy clothes that are on sale if you’re not committed to buy them at full price. With some simple planning and self-control, you can easily create a stylish and functional wardrobe without spending a ton of cash.

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