5 Ways to Wear Tights with Style

Tights are more than just undergarments. They can become the quintessential piece to achieving a stylish look, too, especially in the winter when it’s just too freezing cold outside to risk wearing something that exposes your legs and freezing them off. in the summer, tights prove to be quite indispensible, too. They can make any outfit look more trendy and unique. Here are various ways to wear tights with style.

  1. With an oversized top – if you’re looking for a way to get a casual and teasingly sexy look, just wear your favorite pair of tights (opaque not required) with a loose, oversized top. This is a great look on days when you just want to chill and hang or when you just need to run a quick errand. If your oversized top is a tad short, you may also want to consider wearing shorts underneath to keep everything covered well.oversized shirt and tights
    oversized plaid shirt and tights
  2. KPOP style – Kpop or Korean Pop Culture has been pretty popular over the past few years and have gained a serious following all over the world. Kpop fashion is pretty complicated in the sense that it involves all things cute, sexy, and stylish all at the same time. One of the most common combos in Kpop fashion? Short skirts and a pair of tights, preferably ones with very cute patterns / designs. This combo can go with just about any top and is quite good for when you want to try something out of the ordinary.kpop style look skirt and tights with sweater kpop style outfit
  3. Retro in color – as you may know, the 70s and the 80s were filled with colorful outfits that we still enjoy taking inspiration from today. With so many retailers out there catering to each and every single style, dressing up with that retro flair is easier than ever. Make sure to complete your look with a pair of colorful tights to get some of that authentic retro vibe.retro red tights retro yellow tights and dress outfit
  4. With a tulle skirt – whether you’re going for something whimsy or you just feel like channeling your inner ballerina for the day, wearing a tulle skirt is always a good idea. Carrie Bradshaw, the ultimate fashion icon, has done it quite a few times so why shouldn’t you? Give your tulle skirt a bit of a grown up twist by pairing it up with preferably opaque tights to make it easier to pull off.tulle skirt and tights tulle skirt with statement shirt and tights
  5. In contrast with your shoes – got a pair of black tights you have to wear underneath that dress / skirt? Choose a pair of shoes in a contrasting color to go with it. This is a great way to make a statement with your shoes and make them pop, especially when you want them to be the focal point of your outfit.

contrasting white and black contrasting black and yellow combo

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