5 Ways to Wear the Techno Fashion

When fashion and technology meets, it’s not always easy to translate them into street looks. For women who love technology accents, we need to recognize that the fashion world is not comfortable with wearable light shows unless they are on the runway. As technology begins to shape fashion’s future, it redefines the boundaries between clothing, body, and machine, so keep on reading for our style guidelines to make the techno fashion wearable on your street looks.

  1. Start small by incorporating techno-inspired accessories to your outfit.

silver baseball cap with disco outfit

techno outfit with silver sunglasses -techno-jewelry-with-breezy-outfit studded cap with gray body con dress and futuristic necklace silver studded cap with blue sweater and ankle strap sandals silver choker with black and white outfit

Silver chokers, studded baseball caps, futuristic goggles, cuffs, techno-inspired jewelry and such are great to add some touch of techno into your street looks without going overboard. Remember, accessorizing shouldn’t be a huge burden. So, if you can’t walk around or lift your arms, then your techno-inspired accessory is too heavy or cumbersome. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, stick to the wearable style of jewelry so you’ll make a great statement without compromising comfort.

  1. Opt for brightly-colored or even a futuristic style of footwear.

metallic silver boots with avant garde outfit translucent-boots-with-mesh-dress peplum top with pants and futuristic heels neon yellow pumps with white tank top and pants metallic silver cap and sneakers with techno outfit

Patent boots, metallic sneakers, translucent heels, silver boots, cut-out sandals and such can be great to complement your techno theme. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, simply team your patent boots with translucent heels with a mesh dress that will create a modern yet techno look. However, if you wish for a chic, playful, and colorful look, then copy Kristina Bazan’s style of wearing an all-white outfit with her pair of neon yellow pumps. This way, you’ll wear the techno fashion without looking too futuristic in metallic silver accents.

  1. Go for techno-inspired silhouettes with unconventional cuts and structure.

fringed-matching-set-with-gold-sandals yellow dress with pants techno inspired outfit with cute sunglasses silver-bandeau-top-with-white-pants metallic silver pants with techno top mesh-bandeau-top-with-skinny-pants-and-gold-and-black-cap-toe-heels

Go unconventional, sculptural, or even architectural on your outfit. Typically, stiff fabrics like leather and neoprene are great for this look since they provide enough structure for a boxy silhouette. However, if people are staring at the piece and not you, then it’s too much. You may have the fashion character to carry that look, but it wouldn’t be a great impression if you’re going for it like you’re playing up roles from a sci-fi movie. So like fashion blogger Tiger Winfield, stick to the wearable styles of techno-fashion for a flattering yet bold statement.

  1. Opt for bright, metallic, and shiny colored ensembles.

bright green dress with quirky bag yellow caftan dress yellow and orange necklace with colorful outfit metallic silver pants with sweater metallic silver dress with jeans

Like any fashion accessory, you want to pick a hue that works with your skin tone. Be mindful when going for fluorescent and neon shades as they can be too overwhelming for you. Generally, shades of metallic silver flatter cool and warm toned women except for pale complexions that will only look sick in those colors. If that’s the case, resort to other bright shades like yellow, cobalt blue, orange, green, or purple that may be more flattering for your skin complexion.

  1. Select modern, colorful, and techno-inspired prints.

blue jeans with yellow top yellow and black dress with lace up sandals techno print pants with white top graphic print outfit with studded cap colorful leopard pants with bright sweater and pink beaniearchitectural yellow dress with cute sunglasses

Optical illusion patterns, abstract prints, geometric patterns and such can be great to add some life to your techno look. However, be mindful that these patterns may highlight your problem areas even more so be careful on picking them. Techno fashion may be outlandish, statement-making, and modern, but only pick something that works with your personality to keep your looks expressive and personalized.

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