5 Ways to Wear a Denim Midi Skirt

Denim midi skirts are the perfect compromise for those who find the miniskirt too short and sexy and the maxi skirt too long and too timid. They’re also universally flattering on women of all shapes and sizes, making them an even more desirable addition to the wardrobe. What’s more is that you can wear a midi skirt pretty much all year long so you know you’ll surely get a good bang for your buck if you do decide to purchase one yourself. In case you’re intrigued on the different looks and styles you can create with it, check out these 5 ways to wear a denim midi skirt.

  • A-LINE SILHOUETTE – when wearing something as heavy as a denim midi skirt, it’s best to opt for one with a structured A-line silhouette. Unless you’re working with light chambray, your denim skirt is most probably going to look a little frumpy because of its weight. Opting for an A-line silhouette guarantees a flattering look, whatever size and shape you are.a line midi skirt and shirt
    a line denim midi skirt outfit
  • FRONT BUTTON CLOSURE – one classic way to wear a denim skirt is to go for one with a front button closure. This is a really chic and fashionable style that many of us have seen a lot of from the 90s and are seeing a lot of again today (especially with most 90s trends coming back). Front button closures on denim skirts just add a more interesting look to the otherwise plain and simple piece.front closing midi denim skirt front button denim skirt
  • WITH A TURTLE NECK – channel a classic 90s look by pairing up your midi skirt with a comfy and cozy turtleneck top. Finish off your look with high cut boots and you have yourself a gorgeous outfit that’s the perfect blast from the past, specifically from the 90s.turtleneck outfit for fall turtleneck top with coat and denim skirt
  • MATCH IT UP WITH A STRIPED TOP – another classic look that you can achieve with a denim midi skirt is the simple and casual combination of a striped top and your denim midi. This one is more of an all year round kind of look so it’s one you can use any time you feel like wearing your denim midi.striped top and front closing denim striped tshirt and denim midi
  • PENCIL CUT – if you’re curvaceous and you want to accentuate your curves, a pencil cut denim midi skirt is sure to be a great look on you. If you’re looking for a way to sneak in some denim to your work wardrobe, this is definitely the piece for you! Just pair it up with a posh or dressy top and you’re set.

pencil cut denim distressed style pencil cut denim skirt

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