5 Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Staples

Keeping up with the trends in fashion can be quite difficult, especially if you’re still a rookie in the game. Once you master the art of doing so, though, it becomes easier over time. If there’s one thing you need to do before you can build a trendy wardrobe, it’s stocking up on the basics. Basic wardrobe pieces are staples that no stylish woman should be without. Though simple, your wardrobe basics are essential for laying the base on your personal style. If you’re not too happy with how basic your basics are, though, you can always take them to the next leve. Here are some tips on how to upgrade your wardrobe’s basic staples.

  1. White T-shirt – a white t-shirt is one of the things that no one should ever be without, not just the ladies. Wearing a white t-shirt is like wearing a blank canvass. It gives you the chance to get as creative as you would like and style it anyway you want to. You can leave it plain and pair it up with jeans for a classic look or pair it up with statement accessories for a bolder ensemble. You can also top if off with your choice of outerwear for a slightly more detailed look.white tee and necklace with floral skirt
    white tshirt paired with studded vest
  2. Jeans – another must have for everyone are jeans. To upgrade your jeans, you can pair them up with heels or an ultra-dressy top. You can also give them a trendy makeover by simply cuffing the hems or, if you’re a little craft, distressing them to create a rugged street style perfect look. The easiest way, though? Have them tailored to fit you nice and snug!jeans in white with ripped details jeans with ultra skinny fit
  3. Trench coat – a classic piece that belongs in every lady’s closet, the trench coat is known for its simple, streamlined yet sophisticated look. Take it to another level by adding a contrasting belt to it. It’s a quick and easy trick to give your trench coat more personality and make it look more interesting.trench coat red with gold belt trench coat in navy with gold belt
  4. Plain white sneakers – thanks to Adidas’ recent launch of its Stan Smith sneakers, the fashion world has re-discovered its love for plain white, low key sneakers. Now, a pair of white kicks may already be trendy enough for you but just in case you find it boring, you can also level it up by wearing it with colorful socks. Want to put your creative juices to work? Try DIYing a pair of generic white kicks. There are a ton of ways to take them to the next level (dip-dye, ombre, cap toe, paint splatter, graphics / drawing, studs and stones, etc.) so the choice is up to you.plain white sneakers with sharpie details plain white sneakers turned brogue plain white lace sneakers
  5. Black and white stripes – black and white stripes starting to make you feel bored? Take your basics to the next level by adding a hint of gold to your look. Black and white stripes with gold look ultra classy and super sophisticated. It’s an upgrade you wouldn’t want to pass up on.

bnw striped shirt with gold tassel necklace bnw stripe dress with gold belt

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