5 Ways to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits

As much as we love wearing cozy outfits for the fall season, there is something sad about summer trends coming to an end. Instead of packing away all the summer staples you’ve purchased only two months ago, transition them into fall outfits with our 5 easy tricks.

  1. Wear your summer tops with leather trousers.

chiffon shirt with burgundy leather trousers

summer top with mustard leather trousers

If you still love your summer top that’s breezy and chic, make it appropriate in the fall months by wearing it with a pair of leather trousers instead of skinny jeans. Like fashion blogger Ania Boniecka, create a boho-meets-grunge outfit by wearing a chiffon button-down shirt with burgundy leather trousers and a cowboy hat. Or, channel some effortlessly cool vibe like Danielle Bernstein by wearing your white top with mustard leather trousers and summer sandals.

  1. Wear your summer dresses with fall outerwear.

striped summer dress with fall vest striped summer dress with wool coat

Summer dresses are lightweight and comfortable, so make them work in the fall season by wearing them with a wool coat like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein did, as well as a knitted beanie that looks casual cool. Or, look modern classic like Masha Sedgwick by wearing your striped summer dress with a structured vest, perfect for the fall season.

  1. Top your casual outfit with a leather jacket.

fringed leather jacket with flared jumpsuit grunge outfit with leather jacket

Summer jumpsuits, tank tops, basic tee, lightweight pants, crop tops and such can still be appropriate for the colder season if you’ll top them with a leather jacket. Like Danielle Bernstein, look bohemian-inspired on your fall looks by wearing a flared tribal jumpsuit with a fringed leather jacket. Or, simply make your grunge outfit of a plain tee and burgundy pants look edgy with a leather jacket like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick did.

  1. Layer your summer pieces with fall ensembles creatively.

breton striped top with leather dress white jumpsuit with sweater shirtdress with sweater and fall boots

Wearing your summer pieces with fall ensembles is a great way to extend your seasonal wardrobe. Also, it’s a trendy and economical way to look fashionable on your street looks. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, think of wearing your summer inspired Breton striped top with a fall leather dress to channel some vintage vibe. Or, wear your favorite summer shirtdress with a sweater and boots like Masha Sedgwick did, making your fall outfits a bit creative and edgy. Wearing tops with dresses, sweater with matching sets, and skirts with trousers are some of the creative ways to add some trendy vibe to your fall looks.

  1. Make your summer outfits fall-inspired with boots.

striped top with fall boots hippie lace romper with lace up boots and boho hat all black outfit with sequin blazer and boots

If you still love your lace romper but find it a bit out of place in the fall months, wear it with lace up boots that will transform your looks. Also, a crop top and a miniskirt will look too breezy in the fall when worn with sandals, so pair them with tall boots instead so you’ll make them work in the colder months. Indeed, transitioning your summer pieces into fall outfits is a great way to maximize your wardrobe and to get a creative style.

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