5 Ways to Style Your Shift Dresses

A shift dress may be closely linked to a sheath dress, but it actually a dress that lacks shape, so it’s your job to make it flattering for you. It hangs loose from the shoulder, falls straight down and does not cinch in at the waist the way a sheath does. Also, it’s roomier at the hips that make it a casual, comfy dress, if you’re heading at a buffet lunch.

  1. Style it in a minimalist way.

edgy boots with shift dress

vintage black shift dress with trendy mules royal blue shift dress with sandals leather shift dress with mules

If you’re a minimalist kind of woman, going to simple lines, clean cuts, and streamlined silhouettes are your goals. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, simply dress up your plain black shift dress with an animal print bag and architectural sandals. A boxy shift dress with a sexy neckline makes your style edgy and modern, while a free-flowing one will make your looks more feminine and classy.

  1. Let your shift dress make a statement.

floral print shift dress tribal shift dress with cute bag shift dress with backpack sequin shift dress with shoes

If you’re a fan of loud prints and bright colors, make your shift dresses make a statement. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, simply resort to a brightly colored shift dress and complement your outfit with a pair of quirky sandals. Or, go for sequin, metallic, tribal printed and catchy shift dresses that can make your street style creative and trendy instantly.

  1. Create an illusion of a slim waist with toppers.

black shift dress with denim jacket shift dress with jacket shift dress with coat

The topper you choose to wear with your shift dress changes the look of the outfit. A simple, cute cardigan creates an instant innocent, preppy look while a denim jacket adds some effortlessly cool vibe to your outfit. A cool leather jacket will add a little sexy spice to your outfit. For a classic and office-inspired look, resort to chic blazers and trench coat that look professional and stylish at the workplace.

  1. Layer your shift dress with other basic pieces.

black shift dress with skirt striped top with shift dress shift dress with belt

In the colder months, think of a shift dress that can be worn as your outer layer since it’s a lot roomier compared to other dresses. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of wearing your shift dress with a fitted sweater or even a striped dress that can be stylish and functional enough to keep you warm. Also, metallic skirts can be great too if you wish to treat your shirt dress a tunic.

  1. Your accessories can make a difference to your look.

white shift dress with strappy sandals geometric print dress with jacket chic clutch with shift dress casual shift dress with bandana scarf beachy shift dress with hat

The shoes you wear with your shift dress will make a major difference in your overall look. If you’re after a fun, going out look, copy Blair Eadie’s outfit by wearing a pair of neon pumps with a geometric print shift dress. To create a poolside look, you could go with chic summer hats, casual wedges, or bohemian-like sandals. When picking your jewelry, think of your necklines first. Shift dresses with high necklines should be worn with chunky, bold necklaces, bandana scarf, bangles, or earrings while ones with a V-neck suit will look more flattering in simple jewelry. Some shift dresses don’t need jewelry, especially if the other things you’re wearing make enough of a statement on their own.

Indeed, shift dresses are definitely a wardrobe essential. So if you don’t already have one, invest in one now.

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