5 Ways to Style Your Peplum Tops

A vintage silhouette and a reminiscent of the 1940’s, peplum styles made a dramatic comeback that have adapted into various wardrobe staples. Peplum tops are the best and stylish way to show off your sexy curves or even recreate curves if you have none. According to Hilary Alexander from The Telegraph fame, “The secret of a successful peplum is in the cut and fit, and the balance between shoulder, hip and waist to achieve that all-important hourglass silhouette.” Since the trend isn’t going away, keep on reading for ways to style your peplum tops.

  1. Dress up your sporty looks with peplum tops.

metallic jeans and sneakers with peplum top

If you’re a fan of sneakers and fashion runners trend, peplum tops are great ensembles to match with them. Instead of going for slip-on sneakers and athletic kicks, opt for wedge sneakers with stylish designs to make your typical looks casual chic. To make your outfit more fashionable, trade your typical blue jeans with a pair of metallic pants in skinny fit to make it perfect for the flounce of your peplum top and the bulkiness of your wedge sneakers.

  1. Make your laid back denim jeans casual-chic.

pastel peplum top with skinny pants peplum top with jeans peplum top with ripped jeans striped peplum top with jeans yellow peplum blouse with shorts

If you’re a fan of comfort offered by denim jeans or shorts and wish for a dressier look, peplum tops are for you. A pair of good fitting skinny jeans will make your legs look longer, thus elongating your figure while the peplum top balances the length by adding a curve at the hip. Skinny jeans and boot cut styles look sleeker and polished, but if you’re into the distressed styles of jeans better opt for dressier peplum tops to make it look chic. Lace peplum, as well as neoprene and silk are dressy enough to spice up your slouchy and baggy pants.

  1. Show off your curves with peplum tops and cropped pants.

colorful peplum top with leggings marsala peplum top with nude pants peplum top with crop leggings

If you’re planning to wear cropped leggings with peplum tops, just make sure that the hem of your top reaches your hips or long enough to keep your rear covered. If not, opt for skinny cropped pants that will look great in shorter flounce of peplums. Wear high heels to accentuate the height even further. Cropped pants are designed to show off your statement shoes. Wear high heels to accentuate the height even further. So, feel free to go for ankle strap footwear, lace up shoes, ankle boots, and even gladiator heels to make your outfit look more stunning.

  1. Reveal your feminine side with peplum tops and skirts.

boatneck peplum blouse with red skirt colorful top with pencil skirt floral skirt and peplum blouse with gold pumps peplum blouse with pencil skirt peplum blouse with printed skirt peplum top with statement belt and skirt sexy peplum outfit

If you’re a dress type of girl but aren’t curvy enough to show some body contours, peplum tops and skirt combination will work best on you. With its flounce and slim fit on the waist, your peplum tops instantly give you a waist definition and illusion of curvy hips with its flares. Circle skirts, full skirts, pencil skirts, tube skirts and such will be perfect with your peplum tops.

  1. Be edgy by going for leather ensembles.

peplum jacket with leather skirt peplum blouse with leather skirt peplum blouse with distressed jeans leather top with skirt leather leggings with peplum top peplum-top-with-skinny-pants

Leather itself screams edgy, so if you wish for a sexy and edgy looks, go for a leather peplum top or pair your peplum top with a leather bottom. If you’re brave enough like Coco Rocha, go for head to toe leather outfit.

Thanks to peplum tops as you can now flaunt your sexy curves whether you’re an apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, or even a rectangle-shaped with no curves.


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