5 Ways to Style Your Antique and Vintage Jewelry

The terms antique and vintage are used to help date older pieces of fine jewelry, especially heirloom jewelry. For a piece of fine jewelry to be considered vintage, it has to be at least 20 to 30 years old like anything from the 1980’s and earlier, while antique jewelry is any piece of jewelry that is about 100 years old or older. If you have jewelry that you wish to wear to channel your love for vintage fashion, or simply hold to your family’s tradition, keep on reading to scoop some of our styling tricks.

  1. Channel your love for vintage fashion by mixing clothes and jewelry from the same decade.

antique jewelry with vintage dress

vintage outfit with gold cuff vintage dress with belt and cuffs vintage cuffs with dress and sun hat victorian dress with vintage earrings maxi dress with vintage necklace

If you’re grandmother’s engagement ring is from the 1940’s that would be considered a vintage engagement ring. While many pieces from the 1920’s are now considered antique, especially those made in the earlier part of the decade. If you have a love for vintage fashion like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, wear your vintage jewelry with vintage clothes. Retro floral dress, lace maxi dress, high-neck blouse, Victorian dress, puffy sleeved tops, tiered skirts and such are some of the vintage pieces that may complete your desired looks.

  1. Add some vintage flair to your plain colored outfits with antique jewelry.

black outfit with vintage cuff and earrings vintage necklace with puffy sleeved blouse and wide leg pants vintage necklace with old rose high low dress vintage necklace with black outfit vintage cuff with all white outfit chambray maxi dress with vintage accessories

Plain colored outfits, especially ones in the neutral tones of black, white, gray, and camel are so easy to dress up as they create a great background for whatever accessory or jewelry you’re going to put on. Like fashion blogger Stephanie Liu, think of adding some vintage touch to your chambray maxi dress with antique cocktail rings and earrings, but add a modern touch with a pair of metallic silver sandals. Or, channel your boho-goddess look with mythological inspired earrings and cuffs teamed with a tribal print bag and an all-black outfit.

  1. Wear your antique jewelry with other vintage pieces.

cool beach outfit with antique necklace vintage necklace with earrings and casual chic outfit vintage brooch with gold chain necklace and fur coat

Regardless of whatever style you’re accustomed to, coordinating accessories will create a bold description of the fashion style you’re trying to achieve. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldrige, think of wearing two vintage necklaces with your pair of antique earrings to spice up your basic outfit of jeans and a button-down shirt. Or like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your summer looks at the beach vintage inspired with a hint of antique jewelry in your breezy outfit.

  1. Mix antique accessories with modern jewelry.

edgy chic black dress vintage necklace with striped top and cobalt blue pumps mesh outfit with edgy jewelry green skirt and cashmere top with embellished clutch gold bracelet and watch with chic outfit

If you’re a fan of layering accessories which is a trendy skill every woman should master, think of mixing your antique jewelry with modern ones. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, wearing your vintage rings altogether with spiked bracelets, which is modern, will create a fashion-forward style. Your vintage necklace can be modernized with other modern and hip necklaces perfect for parties and girls night out.

  1. Modernize your look by wearing vintage jewelry with modern outfits.

vintage necklace with modern outfit vintage earrings with colorful dress printed skirt and floral clutch with black tank printed dress with vintage earrings modern outfit with vintage cuff

If you’re aiming for a balanced style, copy Kristina Bazan’s look by wearing a white button down shirt left untucked with a pleated skirt and a vintage cuff. Or, go for brightly-colored and printed dresses and skirts that can give you a bold statement yet with a vintage touch. With our styling tricks, you can now wear your antique and vintage jewelry on your street style with flair.

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