5 Ways to Make Florals Work for Fall

Florals are a staple in every girl’s closet come summer and spring time but during fall, it’s usually one of those print patterns that we see less of. This is because we have always associated flowers and all their vivid colors to the warmer seasons. Recently, though, a trend has started and that is wearing florals in fall. Think this is impossible? Here are 5 ways to make florals work for fall.

blue floral skirt

cute floral fall top

  • GO EASY ON COLOR – one way to make florals work for fall is to go easy on the color. We all love flowers for their bright and cheery colors but to make them work for fall and blend in with the rest of your wardrobe, it would be better to opt for floral prints in more muted colors. It would also be better if you could find pieces with floral prints in autumnal hues like green, navy, violet and such.

lauren conrad floral top gorgeous fall dress with floral prints

  • WEAR FLORALS WITH LAYERS – wearing your floral prints in or with some layers somehow camouflages it and makes it look not as bold or as flashy which is exactly what you want when wearing them in the fall. You can opt to wear them with neutral colors so as not to dampen their lively vibe so much or wear them with the usual fall colors to make them blend in with the rest of your wardrobe seamlessly.

.layered floral top and pullover black and white dress for fall

  • DOUBLE IT UP WITH OTHER PRINTS – another way to make your florals look less summer-y and more of an all year rounder is to wear it double with other prints, preferably more classic ones like stripes and polka dots. This somehow ‘neutralizes’ the floral print on your outfit and makes them look more appropriate for fall and for all the other seasons, really.

double print floral and plaid double print outfit

  • OPT FOR FLORAL PRINTED FALL STAPLES – to balance things out, you can also opt for floral printed fall staples like coats, jackets or pullovers. This is an easy way to introduce and add this spring and summer favourite to your fall wardrobe.

floral jacket maroon maxi dress

  • TRY FLORAL PRINTED ACCESSORIES – if you think rocking a floral frock or other floral printed clothes is just too much for you to pull off in fall, you can always resort to a subtler alternative that is floral printed accessories. Try floral printed pumps or carry a floral printed purse to go with your fall ensemble. You can even wear floral printed scarves to brighten up and liven up a rather dark fall look.

floral gucci purse floral scarf



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